Able to Swirl

Dream images can often seem strange and random, but that can be a signal that we are dealing with multiple aspects of our inner lives. Here we have dancing on stage, a ship floating below, then getting on land where there’s a food stand. Huh? Or, said another way, we want to flow through life without the focus of the ego, while grounding what arises from the depths of our unconscious – all while keeping the food of what impels us on our purposeful journey close at hand. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in this last dream, I seem to be on a stage, and the stage is like an old wooden stage. And beneath it is something like a ship where people live. 

I’m one of a troupe of performers, except rather than being a main actor in the play, another woman and I, and maybe a man, we have a job that, during the breaks in the play, we go out and we’re covered with this cloth that trails around us. And we do some twirling on the stage – and we’re completely covered up and people just see the design of the cloth as it goes across stage. 

I think mine’s kind of a deep blue, and hers might be a different color. And we kind of run into a swirling pattern on the stage. So you just see the cloth swirling, and then we might disappear behind the stage and reappear on the other side; we have some pattern like that, where we go back and forth during the break times. 

Well, one of the things about that type of work is you get kind of hot. So I had discovered that if I took a cup, and I went into one of the restrooms, there didn’t seem to be any shower that worked, but I could take this cup and I could somehow make the water swirl in a way where it created a spout and it came up and it would come down on me and refresh me – just like a shower. It was kind of an odd way to do it, but that seemed to be something that worked for me. 

Well, in the pattern of running and swirling and stopping backstage, then one of the men complains to me that the showers in the place are all broken. And I explain to him that I have found a way to kind of get refreshed with the water. But they don’t seem to feel like they can make it work that way.

So I go looking a little bit for a shower; we must be on a break. And then I notice that there’s even some broken wood and I can peek down and see that there are ship’s quarters below. And then I see a woman walking up out of some of them on a plank. And I have to be careful because the plank can break through, you have to be careful how you walk, but it’s all wooden. So I follow her a little bit and it goes to the end of an area and it goes on land. 

So then I look out and I see it’s actually leading to a little snack stand, and the man that’s running it sells coffee, and doughnuts, and stuff like that. And then I look over and I see some other men sitting around, the type of guys that just sit around and have coffee. And they’re talking and they’re saying that if the guy that works the snack stand ever leaves, that the man who owns the ship should franchise that. 

But then they’re complaining about, how can they get him to fix the bathrooms so people have showers, because I guess nobody has any showers? That was when I woke up.

John: You can see how close this is to my sleep dream, because, see, the ship represents kind of a flow in life. And the thing that performs on the stage, the aspect of you that performs on the stage, is something that sits and sweeps above all of that, and has an effect just by how it is that you’re able to swirl, and flow, like that, in a kind of surreal way, covered up in kind of a hiddenness, so that you’re not identified, per se, in this way, or that way, like everything in life is identified. 

And you find that you hold this space, and below you is the ship, or is what goes on in life in an identified way. And you are in a flow. You are like an artist performer capable of doing it, but not a type of artist that goes out there and receives accolades, or acknowledgement, or recognition – you stay hidden. 

And the understanding of the importance of the hiddenness is accentuated because it being a particular kind of flow that, initially, can sit on top of an unconsciousness, or greater depth, lying below that is accessible and touchable, can also then go into, from this kind of dream, to a dreamed condition. 

And the dreamed condition is when you go on to the land, and then there’s someone who’s got a food deal or whatever that provides a form of nourishment in an outer sense way. So it’s like when you’re the musician and able to move about, and free flow and go down through the corridors of the ship, the effect you’re having is that you’re making the ship kind of surreal. 

You’re taking the whole ship and, where it starts off with you being something that can simulate into something, go into that, effect that, touch that, that, as it’s touched then becomes akin to the space that you were in. And then, that, then, when it goes to land, or goes into the outer, or goes into a groundedness, what is needed corresponds, which is this food stand. 

And so if it’s going to go back out into the ship, then, somehow or another, this needs to be held on to as well, that this needs to be franchised, which means that it needs to exist on its level as this atmosphere of something that is intertwined exists on its level, which is another way of saying that all of that comes together there, as well. 

If it wakes up to its being just a food store, period, and that’s the only soul identity that it has, then something gets lost and it gets mired in a deviation that is separate from the whole – thinking that it can function that way. But what you’re realizing is that this expands and expands, it goes on, and it goes on, that everything is connected like this. 

So, basically, what you’re doing in your dream is you’re moving into matter, you’re moving into matter in a way that has a vibrational aspect that permeates into the quality of it all, and causes another kind of visibility, and hearing or whatever, to be denoted. 

So you look at this as a vibration, a sense of the heart kind of vibration, which starts with you just being something that has an artistic quality to you, but you maintain that in kind of a discreetness because you’re covered. And so you’re coming across in a way that can support and touch the flow of things. And, by intertwining with the flow of things, and then you are carrying that, you’re transforming that by going into that so that that flow, which resides as an aspect of the whole, when it touches something denser like the physical land, it comes from that innerness that goes into things, into the food stand, even. It affects the food stand.

So, if you think about it, here’s the food stand on the land, and the food stand is there to serve what this is all about. If there wasn’t this, then that couldn’t exist. And there’s a recognition that they both have to be. And so the idea, then, is that it has to always be taken with you – which you use the word franchise. That it’s always taken and part of you.

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