Expansion of Self

When we are young we go out into the world to make our way. Later in life we may place more importance on inner experiences. Things burst into life in spring, and go more quiet in the fall. We have the Big Bang, and we have stars being vacuumed up by black holes. There is an out-breath and in-breath process going on at all levels. In our journey we try to subjectively understand life and the universe, but, later on, we try to integrate ourselves into the energetics of everything. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Because my sleep dream will probably correspond to yours, before I forget it, the sense that I had in my sleep dream was seeing things that I would have to try to take in, or get close to, in a kind of bringing into oneself kind of way. 

And because this is more of an inner trait it’s harder to remember dreams like this because it’s not like there is a type of affliction, or something, or out-breath conundrum. It’s more of a taking-in expansiveness, on an in-breath level, which is one’s way of permeating; it’s a way of working with kind of a pulling of something into oneself, as opposed to an energy that is constantly projecting out – like in an out-breath way. 

And, when it’s like that, it is a sensation of taking in and going into things. And it’s expansive. And it’s done almost as if it’s a ravenous need, in that, over and over again, like that state was such in which I was continually seeing this sort of thing going on so it was a little awkward or odd, I guess, to think that I would wake up and write it up as a dream because it had this different semblance to it.

And it’s something that, when it’s like that, because it’s kind of absorptive and soothing, even, to do something like that, maybe soothing isn’t the right word, you kind of go along with getting lost in all of that, just like a going into matter, or something, or getting lost in all that as an expansion of oneself. It’s another kind of grogginess, in a way. 

In other words, one’s inclined to kind of be swept in, pulled in, and so you’re inclined to sleep more. When the dreams were different, that had to do with out-breath stuff, it was like they quickened something that kind of had you at a point that was, well, even though they, too, were difficult, and could be also something hard to see and pull out, there was an animation, a vibratory animation, almost a kind of momentum, to the vibration of that. As opposed to this being something that involves a type of sweeping up and sweeping in.

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