A Different Dynamic

As we learn and grow, we set people and things aside to fully embrace the new that we are entering in on. Sometimes, when we find ourselves again in a time of consolidation, rather than expansion, we may want to revisit some of the aspects that we have let go of, both in the outer and on the inner. Some connections may naturally still be there, others will no longer apply, or be too difficult to make work. These are all natural patterns in the unfolding of our journey. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in my sleep dream, initially I’ve gone to a restaurant to meet a man who actually comes from a foreign country that I knew a long time ago. He wants to make love, but he seems to want to make love like on a banquet table at this restaurant. And then he’s not sure about it, so he promptly gets up and leaves.

I start to get up and leave and the restaurant owner comes over, because he’s not sure things have been paid for, but we haven’t even eaten. And then I help point out to him that there is some money left on the table, although it’s left in Latin American money. That seems to satisfy him. 

And then I leave there. And I seem to be looking to connect in some way with people that I’ve known in the town where I’m living where I grew up. And I walk down and there’s a trailer that one of my ex-classmates is living in, and I seem to go in through a back window of the trailer and go the length of it. 

And she’s taking care of plants and things in her trailer, and I ask her about other people that we graduated with, is there some way we can even get together once a month and connect? And she’s not sure who’s living there anymore. And somebody else has come by that we knew, that I graduated with.

And then I’ve worked my way to the other end of the trailer where she’s watering some plants and where the door is, and I look out the window and I remarked to her, and another person that’s shown up, that I’m kind of upset with what they’re building on the hillside. Because I look out and on the hillside there’s a home that’s going up, but it’s really big and they’re using these large logs. 

And I look beyond it, and further on the hillside, up near the mountains where there’s some kind of industry going on, they built everything out of those huge logs that have the bark stripped off them – and it just doesn’t look right for the area. And I comment that I just don’t like to see that kind of building going on because it’s kind of like a blight on the landscape; it just doesn’t blend or look natural. 

And I leave there and I seem to go over to somebody else’s home, and I notice that my dad and his friend are there. And she seems to be taking care of them, so he seems okay. And then I leave there to try to find some other people that I’ve known before. 

I’m in a building that must be connected to the restaurant because my cousin comes by, with my dad and someone else, and they’re going back into the restaurant. And they want to know if I want to come with them. And I say, no, because I don’t want to go back to where I’ve been. And they say, well, you know, Bill Gates is in there. And I’m still not interested, but I’m glad to see that dad’s being taken care of. 

And then I go out into the street and run into maybe somebody that I knew, but I’m beginning to realize that most of the people that I knew, that I graduated with, have kind of left the area. And it may be hard to get something together where we meet even once a month to make a connection. That was the dream.

John: So it’s the same kind of energy in terms of a sense of trying to exude or expand out. And what you’re pointing out, in terms of this, is that when it comes to aspects of yourself that you’re kind of familiar with, like those that you had a correlation to as classmates or something, that have, over a course of time, you’ve just kind of let go of that form of yourself. 

And then in an extended, expanded, space, you’re finding that it’s important to come back to that. Familiarize yourself with that. Because it’s like you have a different dynamic going on, where you have the recognized interest to take in more and more of that.

But what your dream is also pointing out, that’s a little bit different, is this is an approach where you are working in conjunction with something that still has a relative degree of awareness. In other words, something that once upon a time you were around, but your dream is pointing out that this mannerism that you have is causing you to look at and see if you need to contend with all kinds of other things that are in the atmosphere

And then you identify a couple, and, as you identify them, you’re wary about all of them because they seem extraneous to how it is that you are. And because you don’t have the familiarity that you can identify, like you can with catching up and meeting other classmates, this sense of exuding that you have is something that you are feeling you have to be a bit careful and wary, in terms of how you’re able to contend with something more like this, and how it can contend with you.

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