Flowing Through

In our curiosity we tend to see something new and then want to take it apart and see how it works (this is more an aspect of the masculine energetic). It’s an effort to name something, and, in the naming, to believe we know it. But the process of naming something also becomes its limiting factor. In a certain way, for us to better understand something in its fullness, letting it flow through us, and letting all of our different faculties experience it, without a label, enables an unconscious knowing to then rise into our consciousness later. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, I’m drawn to a place inside that I can see within my mind’s eye. I don’t know why I find this interesting, other than the fact that I somehow know that this is a place that’s going to be quaint, and there’s a curiosity to it in its stillness, or something, or in its quaintness. 

So as I seem to come closer to this place, to see why I’m drawn to it, rising up within is a vibration where I can see that, in an invisible sort of way, what started as a kind of innocent enough allure has a magnetic quality for a reason I can’t put my finger upon other than I feel the allure to this. 

And this allure results in a $30 million silent effect upon the place. I say silent in that it is a vibratory effect that isn’t visible, per se. It’s an energetic and, because it’s invisible and it’s an energetic, there is no putting a personal finger upon it, per se, because it has more to do with the capacity of something exuding out in an unseen and unforeseen way. 

At no time can I say what this is, per se, because it’s flowing through me, except that it’s an invisible thread that is not associated with anything that I know about this place other than I feel a curiosity, interest, intrigue, in a quaint way, and is an effect that seems to be a naturalness there. And then there is something from this capacity, and it’s like an intangible response or reply, and the effect of that is 28 million. 

So what is going on is, I believe that from the capacity of the heart it is possible to embrace a greater beingness in the spaciality. Greater beingness meaning like something that you don’t put your finger on as having an intangibleness that is just readily apparent. To the degree matter and the environment are involved in a subtle way of denoting that a flow of energy has a barely visible identity footprint. In other words, to the degree that you suddenly denote that, then, from this barely visible identity footprint that isn’t specifically denoted – it’s a barely visible identity footprint because of the seven, in other words, 35 minus 28. That’s the portion of the energy that comes through that creates lack of visibility – otherwise there wouldn’t be. That’s the dense part yet. 

So that’s why I say it’s a barely visible identity footprint. It’s not defined per se, other than it has something to do with something existing to flow through. And then what rises from that flowing through, as a response back, is also in a capacity in the wholeness intertwined with a spaciality that cannot be sorted out, nor can you put your finger upon it, in a personal-nuanced way anymore. That’s the 28. 

If this were something I was compelled to denote, in terms of the denseness of an effect, this would denote a demeanor of consciousness causing a sight and sound to predominate on a personal level of ego separation. In other words, I’m describing what it would look like if you step back and it was all something that got pulled into the plane of it making sense in terms of our separate sight and sound. 

But, in this meditation dream, that isn’t what is happening, because I am instead embracing a feeling capacity, which is an energetic that exudes through me, and nothing more. It’s left at that. Therefore, there’s no sight or sound, there’s no ego to that, there’s no personal way that can be associated with that to me.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Flowing Through

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