An Expansive Dynamic

In dreams, often the more extreme the image is, the more resistance an inner shift is facing. Here we have a young boy, or a fledgling aspect of the dreamer, being teased with being thrown out of a window. But we can think about such images as conversations with ourselves: sometimes we have to raise our voice to make a point, or to make clear the importance of what is possible in the now moment. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I wasn’t going to write up the sleep dream, I was going to kind of consider my sleep as being in some sort of peculiar delirium because it was nonsensical, and silly, so to speak. But this is a type of silliness that’s inclined to not take things importantly, and thus to point out that there is a greater feel to something that has to be there than what is situated appearance-wise.

And so there was a sequence of dreams, they’re very hard to grab because I’m dreaming in such an intangible way that’s almost bizarre. In other words, doing actions that don’t necessarily have any significant meaningfulness, but they are extremely meaningful because they play with the atmosphere of letting go and breaking things up, especially moving away from any kind of set mannerism

So I see myself as being inclined to do things that, like I say, break conditions up around me. For example, I’m in this room, and I’m teasing a boy, a little kid, and he has a kind of a set demeanor. So, in order to break his trance a little bit, because that’s the fun thing is the kid’s mutable. 

So I pretend like I’m going to pick him up and throw him out a window. Of course, this is all done in play where it creates the whole sensation of what it would be like to be thrown out the window – and who knows what that’s going to be all about. And that’s done in terms of shifting a certain demeanor. 

So, when he objects, because he could get hurt, or everyone likes to stay in what is comfortable, or they deem as comfortable, I act like that’s not what I’m hearing him say. I keep pretending that some part of him is asking me to do this to him.

And so what this does is cause the boy to realize, in a kind of make believe, because I pretend that what he’s really saying, even though he’s saying one thing, I’m pretending I’m hearing another, it’s almost like creating a reflective spell to echo in him the idea that what he really enjoys is feeling more dynamically free and expansive. 

In other words, he has to sit and ponder what in the heck: could I really pretend this? What in the heck am I really pretending? I must be hearing something, or I wouldn’t be acting like this. And so it causes him almost to flip, as to whether there’s a part of him that wants to break out of his shell. It causes him to inflect.

And so the dreaming last night took on a more expansive dynamic in order to open up a greater capacity – to challenge set bonds that exist around one in order to recognize more from within. Or, what you could say is a kind of intangible, greater beingness that is an all things. 

So what is going on is I’m finding myself more interested in playing with various aspects of perceiving through feeling. That’s what one is doing. In other words, incorporating the feeling, or the principle that permeates behind the denseness of things, where we go off with our minds and senses and see ourselves just that way. 

Being able to be like this enables a part of myself to go from a setness of a dense, physical identification. The key for this to work is that I have to access within, and without, a rhythm that accommodates both as the real oneness of being. Or, if that doesn’t quite work, at the very least, causes a reflection to denote that there’s more than meets the eye.

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