A Reflective World

How often do we feel this sense of trying to bridge the separation of different worlds within us, whether it’s our home life and work life, or it’s our family and our friendships, or our spirituality and the demands of the culture? This is a classic inner struggle, but one that is lessened when we bring everything into an inner space that can expand to accommodate it. There, in a space of our connection, everything can be held in the settlement of the universal us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So my dream seemed to be shaped by our having watched The Blacklist last night. One of the features of that film was a lot of things all happened at once to save someone, and then that woman – the star of the show and her husband – are in separate places. He’s in Germany and she’s in another city.

So it felt like in my dream everything was happening and falling into place in the last minute, but then there was a separation. And I’m trying to figure out how to handle that, and it’s represented in the dream by the fact I’ve gone to work in an office, but in the office I seem to have to go between two workspaces that are across the hall from each other.

In one workspace, that maybe we could all crowd around a table if we had a meeting, but we couldn’t all fit into the offices there. Plus I have some stuff I have to mail out, and it feels like I have to take it back and forth from one office to the other. And then I’m in one office and the material seems to be in the other office.

I want to file it, but I have to figure out how to get it together – because it’s in one place, and then I may be in the other. And then I have to go back and forth and figure out where it belongs, and what do I do about the fact that I can’t fit everything together in one area? What I have to do is keep going back and forth and studying out the situation. 

Then when I study it further I realize I’ve just started work there, I even seem to find a piece of paper with my job acceptance and it’s around the sixth of January, I think. For some reason, when I’d apply for the job they’d actually had me send in some information on my horoscope, which I thought was odd that they’d even take me for a job when I did that. 

And then I realize that the person, when they gave the horoscope back to me, had given me some papers and information I didn’t even know I had. So I’m taking that back to my office to file and look at and figure out exactly the date. I’m still having this feeling of how I’m trying to put things together, but they don’t all quite pull together yet.

John: Dreaming like that leaves you kind of in a grog, because what you’re really kind of doing is you’re following into a greater depth of yourself something other than just what you identify with visibly.

In your dream you were having images of things that are more than the given context of the situation. The reason why you’re having these images of a greater context of the situation is because you’re grasping to try to catch up with a sense of connectivity, or feeling, or overallness that you feel is required in order for you to be yourself

And so you are caught in the usual orb that a person has in terms of trying to grow or develop consciously. However, we in the physical, feel that we have to, or are caught in what we see, and we relate to that reflectively. 

When something is pushing you into something more of a depth of yourself, that something more that you experience of yourself is like being able to catch up with something that you can’t see – but is you. It’s who you are, naturally. And if you spin and spin in trying to experience that via a putting your finger on everything type identification – that doesn’t work, either.

In fact something like that tends to make you cough; it can make you cough. So there’s two ways in which a person can end up coughing, or feeling discombobulated. One in which you are acting in the outer as if you’re going to pull the outer into a greater understanding and graspability – but are, in effect, actually being drawn more into an inner space, an inner space in which there is a light or a quality of your nature that you don’t see, but is the real you.

To the degree to which you fight that, you create an awkwardness in terms of how you are in the physical. You either create the awkwardness in terms of over indulgence in trying to pull something through like that – this is hard to say. 

You’re working on the schematic of: how do you function in a reflective world? If you’re suddenly drawn into an energetic that’s non-reflective, which is kind of what is happening, and it makes you really, really groggy, and you fight that because that’s not in keeping with the way that your mind and your senses have been inclined to work, which is to deal with things that are identified, the endeavor to disassociate yourself from the natural flow can cause you to cough and have an imbalance. 

However, the grogginess, and the part of you that wants to sit in a deeper soothingness as a space within, is the hidden light, so to speak, that you are drawn to as the natural part of who you are.

So, in your dream, you had this broken up in a couple of different ways. You had the idea of something one place, and then something another place. What’s involved there is the black-and-white having to make something, a sense out of something, in an outward context way – and it will and can eventually make you sickish because the dynamic at a deeper level has to do with being able to feel, inside of yourself, something that you can’t put your finger on. 

That’s the nature of what’s going on in everything. There’s something shifting going on in life, that one cannot see, and that a human being is developing a greater and greater sense of that. And that greater and greater sense of what they’re developing is who they really are.

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