Rhythm of Nature

Nicholas Rougeux

The field is affected by the stream, the stream is affected by the hill, the hill is affected by the wind and rain. No one aspect is free from its interactions with everything else in its environment. Often, though, we humans look only at a singular aspect or item, and try to solve or resolve something from just that viewpoint. It’s a process that rarely gives us sustainable solutions. The more we can embrace, from within, the more we will be in sync with what is around us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And then, in my sleep dream, I can feel a greater capacity is existing and I am making the choice to hearken to that. What I am harkening to is outside the scope of the familiar parameters that I’m used to relying upon. 

The familiar patterns that I’m used to relying upon and sorting out and whatnot, and contending with, have a certain choked effect upon the heart, but that’s just the way it is when one is dealing with things in an outer context way. 

Which is the same thing as saying that what I know, externally speaking, is that those parameters where I approach the outer reflective world are such that anything that I pull off is riddled with various kinds of pills for every given equation. Others tend to think that this is important – in all of the ways that you sort things out in the outer – and that I am crazy when I seek from an intangible depth within a greater capacity than a dependency of the pill. 

I have come to know that the dependency upon pills is a panacea that leads to more pills until there are pills upon pills and the result veils off a sensitivity to a naturalness whereby I feel the greater capacity from within. 

The reason for the dream is to point out that I need to trust in, and let go to, what I feel and know as real from within. And, by within, I mean this is kind of something that is inside one’s nature, that you can’t put your finger on, that feels the capacity, and therefore can sort something a little bit with this sense of capacity. And so it can’t buy into the projections that are thrown at one’s self, or, saying it like I wrote here, even though this isn’t a black-and-white, nailed down, outer external knowingness. 

So, by being able to access a feeling within as a quality of a greater spaciousness and heartfulness, I’m able to go beyond the outer appearance and reflections that shrink a person and take them out of a greater capacity. And when one is able to do this, with a rhythm of their nature, they are capable of touching all of manifestation.

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