An Outward Impression

Gossip among friends and acquaintances is common in the world, but it’s not something you see in a dream too often. Yet, in the unconscious, the effect is the same: one aspect (character) is upset because of something that happened and the word spreads quickly. Then the damage must be contained. On our inner worlds, different characters have different sensibilities that have to be taken into account, sometimes soothed, or reasoned with. Feelings get hurt. It’s all part of trying to become one within ourselves. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: And then, in my other dream, it feels like I’ve gone back to a hotel to visit a woman who’s a friend of a woman I’m in a relationship with. 

And, at one point, I had gotten a ride to the hotel from another woman who’d made a pass at me and I had told the woman that was a friend, I’m visiting her in her room, but I was shocked that she had gone and confronted that woman, or told the woman I was in a relationship with, when I felt like I’d handled the matter, and it was over with. 

So I’m talking with her about that, because I don’t know why she felt the need to bring it all up with everybody because it felt like it had just been handled and it was over with. And I wasn’t even sure why the other woman felt it necessary to make a pass, either; I was looking at that. 

And then I think she was kind of in denial about it. So I was just feeling like this all just needed to smooth itself out, and didn’t know why someone else had bothered to bring it up to everybody. And so I’m talking with her about that.

And, in the midst of that, it feels like I look back at the earlier dream I’d had, and I realize that instead of fighting someone to belong to the dojo, you actually could just go and dance with them. It’s like you really just had to do a dance, not a fight.

John: So the first part of the second dream is still in keeping with the first part of the prior dream, in which you’re acting as if you have to find something that supports you, that helps you maintain what is necessary as you are accessing the flow, within, for yourself. 

And so you start off, in this dream, with the fact that that isn’t quite clear in coming through, it is creating an outwardly impression, a noticeability, basically a gossip or something, in the energy in terms of the fact that it is still buying into something having to have a certain quality to it that is of an outer figuring out, or pointing to, or directive. 

But, in this dream, the difference is that at the very end you come to realize, apparently you had to go through that type of self-conscious barrier there, in order to come to realize that you were able to be at home by accessing a flow within. That, if you can set your stuff aside, you can catch up with just the flow and then that flow is the acceptance on a greater level of inner beingness. 

And when you catch up with that flow, you come to find out that that predominates; the outer mannerism, or whatnot, is always there, and that that density is always in a reflective condition in the outer, but when you can take that outer mannerism and bring the flow down through – all the way through – that’s what makes the difference. It creates a certain kind of quality, a certain kind of naturalness, when you are able to access this inside of yourself without the loudness of the density of this kind of energy. 

That’s one of the dilemmas of the human body is that in the ideal state, in the totally ideal state, which we’re never able to reach in the human body, stillness is really where it’s at. But if I play strictly in the stillness, then, because I still have a part of myself that is moving, the heartbeat, the breath a little bit, the blood circulating, that in that stillness, a kind of checked-out, removed, somewhere else stillness, that which is left behind gets toxic in its aloneness. 

But when you hold the rhythm, and you can bring something all the way down and through and hold the rhythm, which is a feeling quality of the heart, and of an in-breath, then you’re actually able to affect things, from within, in an outer context way. Instead of realizing that you can affect things in an outer context way, which is very easy to suddenly just notice, you in your second dream came to realize that you can be accepted and become part of the flow, which is everything, without having to take on the density to get there – and use the density as a vehicle of helping to ground, or bring down, this inner flow.

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