Aliveness Within

We consider artists to be those who can capture the essence of something and bring it into the physical world, whether through a new poem, song, painting, dance or any other medium. Yet spirituality tells us that we are all such artists, and the essence we are trying to capture and bring through into life is the energetic aliveness that surrounds us in everything we can connect with. In that way we can be fully with something, giving it expression, and also in service to what the essences are trying to emerge as in the outer. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, the theme of the dreaming was, like we mentioned, was that of having to work with the aspect of a flow being more predominant, in terms of what is going on, than what is reflective. And that you can bring this through the breath, with a rhythm, down into life. 

And the degree to which you can contend with a density, and take it on, is the degree to which you are able to work with this flow – and its more predominant naturalness. 

So, in the meditation dream, I start out reading a poem that has to do with there being a greater awareness. And this poem, because I’m in one spot and the poem is in another spot, and the poem is in front of me, I am having to immerse something from the essence of this poem that I am reading. In order to grasp this poem I have to be this poem in some kind of immersed, beingness, aliveness way in order to touch the hidden fabric of a flow. 

So to be immersed inextricably into the fabric of life, as this poem and image portrays, is a consciousness in which physical space isn’t predominant. You can play with it and work with it, and whatnot, but keep and hold to the spirituality. 

So, similarly speaking, I am finding myself standing before the physical denseness that I am unconscious towards – you’re unconscious towards it initially – and then you come to perceive what I am before that is a physical, dense black-and-white image, but there’s something behind that, within that, as a flow. And that is what is important. 

And, if you don’t realize that, then you get caught under kind of the spell of the magnetism, because when you do these practices and whatnot, you do increase the magnetism. And then that magnetism becomes a kind of quality of state. You can’t take that with you, what you can take with you is the stillness or quality of a flow that pulls down with it from the inner. And, when you do that, well the purpose of doing that is to recognize a greater hidden aliveness within.

Or, to say this another way, the initial black-and-white dense objectification is in the way of an inner aliveness that is all-pervasive, but doesn’t have to be that way. Initially, it’s more in the way, and then in the end, the flow is more there. And so the outer then becomes something that you play with to bring the flow through. You can use the physical then in terms of what you’re doing, as part of pulling that flow through. 

That’s what made Bruce Lee so good, they claim that Bruce Lee was not necessarily built of a certain physical condition so that you could say that it was a matter of strength and whatnot, yet he had a tremendous, tremendous strength because he had the strength of that flow. And it just didn’t make sense to people, that he could be like that, being the little guy that he was. So he could go up against a real strong guy and he could actually match up, hand on hand. And it was just amazing what he could do because he channeled that inner flow. 

And that’s what this dojo is about: learning to channel that inner flow. And you play with the physical, but, behind that, find the inner flow, that spiritual quality. So, similarly speaking, to experience a grogginess, so this is what happens as a precondition to this where you’re kind of in the outer and can be caught under the spell of that, or you can kind of experience this pervasive flow. Maybe it doesn’t naturally come through because of the density of things. 

And when something is really, really dense it’s easy to checkout from it almost in a protective way. So, to experience a grogginess as I go from the outer denseness of physical perception of the senses, which is where the senses are at, the outer grogginess that I oftentimes experience is a protection from the denseness because I haven’t learned how to take the flow through it, so that I don’t damage the flow, or my heart doesn’t get mired in a way so that I go backwards until I caught up with how that flow can come through. 

That’s why sleep in movies and bad shows and stuff like that, I go into this grogginess that I can’t control because, from the outer denseness of physical perception an inner immersed beingness is in an understandable shift. It’s trying to shift, it’s trying to come in. 

So, what is going on is I am in sync with a flow, that’s what the dreaming is about, is to be in sync with a flow that goes through the objectivized outer to an intertwined overallness. This is possible when a subtle inner hiddenness is experienced as all-pervasive in its flow, and the feeling of all-pervasiveness permeates the consciousness. That’s the meditation dream.

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