Oneness of the Heart

Everything is on the move, are we on the move with it? What is it that makes us feel out of sync, or anxious, like we are late for something? Our systems have an internal sense of when we are at odds with the energies that are at play. For us that can turn up as a strange feeling of angst, or it can turn up as a dream where you are scrambling for the bus that is about to arrive. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So I kind of did this, too, but started off first doing it one way, and then switching to the opposite. 

So, the one way, the way that works, was in the meditation dream where I’m experiencing, first of all, I’m experiencing a pressure to be ready to go when my ride arrives. I’m scrambling to be ready because I sense that there is something that’s going to just flow. 

So in this scrambling to be ready, in which I will be able to then go the instant the bus arrives, I am seeking to put myself in a position to experience the common connectiveness that is everywhere. And in everyone else. 

If the bus were to arrive and I am not in this inner space – in regards to the relationship to everyone else – I will be in a discombobulated state of being. In other words, scrambled, not in sync. 

And I want to feel the same way as everyone else; in other words, be in the same motif. If everyone is feeling excited when the bus arrives, I can’t be sitting there feeling like I’m still scattered. So I don’t want to be the one out of touch with this common state of beingness, and of flow, so I am looking at what it takes. 

I’m identifying with the recognition that there is a flow, and that the flow is something that you can feel sweeping through you. And you can say, in terms of what is going on, that what I’m describing in this scenario is an example that has to do with us being naturally interconnected and intertwined. 

When this isn’t so, because the situation in which there is a threat is misaligned, we see our experiences of self and life have been discombobulated, and out of touch, and out of sync. And when we’re like that, we denote ourselves to be removed from a connectiveness that goes right into a common inner flow

And this common state, which is just nothing but a flow that leads, and is, in a oneness, this common state permeates our beingness, is a naturalness, which, when askew the heart suffers because it longs to be united with the one.

And the meaning is we embody a feeling capacity that permeates everywhere and everything with an interconnective heartfulness. Such a heartfulness is what facilitates the natural flow. Or, you might say, it’s what the natural flow vies for and is all about. The state of oneness is a heart that hears and feels the intertwined essence vibrating through us all the time.

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