Stealing the Flow

We are constantly negotiating with ourselves: I’ll skip lunch, so I can have ice cream later. I worked really hard yesterday, so I’m going to procrastinate today. I don’t want to fully let go – because it’s too scary – so I’m going to steal the flow in my dreams. And this shows us that we are often at odds with ourselves – different parts of us don’t feel the same way about things – if they did, we wouldn’t have to negotiate. As the stakes get crazier, we know our resistance is higher than usual. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So then when I come to bed the sleep dream takes on 180-degrees contrast from the meditation dream in that, although I am pretending that everything is natural and in a common intertwined relationship, it isn’t so when I have my attention placed upon any kind of personal bifurcations.

This is so in the sleep dream, in which I may pretend that everything is okay, but I’m actually contracting in a way so that I can defy the natural flow – and thus take from the whole. So, in this dream, describing now the image, everyone at some point in time has to go into their area and connect with something, that is them, in this area. It’s almost like they keep it on a shelf, much like you might have mailboxes, or a mail room, except these shelves are such that you can actually lay in your own shelf.

So in this quasi mail room, in each of these shelves, for each person, each person having their own shelf, is something that you charge up. You take it apart to get to the battery, which in this case is like the heart or something, and once it’s charged up, then it looks a little bit like a vacuum cleaner in that it sweeps things up. 

And it has an interesting flow to it, or facilitates an interesting flow, that I’m attempting to steal – because I want it all for myself. And each of these devices in this common area, that’s on a shelf and such that people can come to, that they don’t think anything of, that I know to be kind

of energized, or battery operated. I’ve come to recognize that in this dream that the symbolism of the battery, or the electrical system, correlates to the heart. 

So what I am trying to do is subvert the heart. In other words, not subvert it meaning make it bad or something, but to basically be able to steal it. And I don’t want the heart as it is, I want the heart in its regal form. 

So what I’m trying to do is, very secretively, charge the battery up before I take the object off the shelf, or the individual’s beingness – storage beingness. The goal, you could say, is to steal from others, and do so in a way that they don’t notice.

But there is a problem in what I am trying to do. What I’m trying to do defies a natural intertwined connection that is meant to be, in which the flow of the universe passes through us. In other words, we are designed to function as a receptacle of inner flow into outer manifestation – and outer manifestation is reflective – and thus we make the most and energize, quicken, the reflection so that it’s not just dense, and this natural flow is the means by which there is an access to a common intertwined essence where everything is in a oneness. 

And so the meaning, or you might say, what is the net effect?, is that because I am seeking to mess, I mean starting out with what I’m trying to do because I’m actually trying to figure out a way to get away with this, even though I’m struggling to do this because it’s hard to hold one’s focus when you’re trying to subvert the flow rather than go with the flow where everything would be in conjunction. But because I am seeking to mess with the heartfelt essence that resides within, I am unable to connect in a way that is receptive like I think it should be. 

In other words, I’m thinking I have a right to skewer who I am. I’m not quite really buying, or have I bought into, the idea that I am them and they are me. So try as I might I cannot go anywhere with such a deviated behavior. Not only am I struggling with the access to a flow by trying to direct everything personally, but I’m unable to pull anything together when I act this way. 

The reason for why it is like this is no one is separate to themselves; in other words, we’re intertwined, we’re connected. And so whenever we act as if we can bifurcate from oneness and get away with it, confusion, that is a misalignment, predominates. 

That’s where you get this faulty thinking and you just can’t quite get something to gel. All the value of the inner essence gets lost in a reflective outer that we would like to think takes us in. But we have got it backwards. It is the heart of the world, an essence behind all there is reflectively that takes us in.

To be taken in is the same thing as being in a natural flow that permeates everything. Such a natural flow, which permeates everything, everywhere, is what oneness is about.

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