The Overlap

The universe expands and contracts, we breathe out and we breathe in, and, between these two states there is always an area of transition. Of course, we can say that these are automatic processes and we don’t need to put our attention upon them, but when we put our consciousness on anything it potentizes the process, and also aligns us to what is unfolding. Part of the idea of being in the flow is to be attuned to the breathing of the whole. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So going ahead with the interpretation of this, which I do in my dreams because I have to dream the same thing, is I didn’t get it either. I got the download in the meditation kind of dream, and then, when I went to sleep, I got the follow-through effect of what that’s like, where you can get scheduled, or find yourself with something happening. 

And in this case, it was all imaginative of something I was going to have to face tomorrow, they were going to overlap. And it was going to be an absolute catastrophe because no matter how I did this, you could not keep, you could not work with something that may, say, start with a contractiveness, and then comes another event that overlaps, that, before the contractiveness that normally scheduled would have been okay because it would have been separate in and of itself. And then there was something that required a letting go, or an in-breath greater expansiveness. And that was going to have to happen, too, and it was going to overlap. 

That no matter how I tried to figure out how to shift inside myself, or to adjust or whatever, having gotten off on too big of a tangent – both being a type of identification, except one’s an identification with more of a letting go and freedom of it in the expansiveness, while the other is more of bringing something through. 

I couldn’t see how one could do this. And I know that bringing something down and through is part of seeing. And that the letting go and the greater expansiveness is part of listening. And so I just really, really struggled, and probably wouldn’t have really quite got it all pulled together except in the miserableness of the sleep dream, I fell back asleep. And then I was suddenly jolted and woken up, and was told that when it is like that, or when in doubt, you have to do them both simultaneously. 

So that’s the rhythm of the breath. To show how I went through the putting together of this is I was presented as if this didn’t exist, for feeling purposes. In other words, to better understand an unfoldment which seems to exist, it had to be presented as if I had to adopt a way of letting go, I guess, as if it didn’t exist, in order to experience the feeling purposes. 

In other words, there’s two scenarios. In each scenario I notice that I snap back in an identifiable way, which is the determination that’s an identification as is caught upon the breath, which I’ve already known that. In other words, I’ve learned to go into a stillness, but now I’m not allowed to escape. 

So now I have to look at the identifications on the breath. And so if my attention is upon consequences of a demeanor, and I’m dwelling upon such an unfoldment, this indicates an imbalanced orientation to the out-breath in which you can bring something down and through in life in and of itself. And so there are consequences and whatnot, of a demeanor, meaning if there are consequences you’re looking at it and trying to figure out how it relates to you in a personal way. In other words, you’re not holding it in a proper manner. So you’re dwelling upon the unfoldment and that creates a disorientation. 

And I also noticed the letting go process in which you’re moving away from identification, in other words, outer identification, per se, and in a direction that’s towards stillness, which is an expansiveness, indicates an orientation that is like an identification, except it’s towards the expansive.

Now I go back and forth. So with the out-breath orientation, I’m projecting what I’m being touched by to be important, which is like a thought or whatever. However that is, I’m projecting it to be what’s important. 

With an in-breath orientation, my demeanor is weaker, and I’m not as reliable; I’m more spread out. Thus, I’m not inflicted by the density condensing of things. And therefore you’re more intangible; you’re in kind of an open space. 

So for those who chose to work upon themselves in manifestation, the out-breath is crucial. For those who are drawn to an inner overallness in which a spirituality is sought, the in-breath predominates with a vibratory sense of an overallness. 

So, in other words, the emphasis goes back and forth. An image of fresh new snow, kind of like a little interlude where I faded back and then suddenly got hit with this image is an image in which I am shifting to the inner purity of myself, and evolving to this for healing and letting go to an inner essence. 

This is kind of that sense where we go off into our spiritual side of an in-breath, and an expansiveness, and we let go and we can experience that as kind of a whiteness of ourselves that is getting snow, which is a purity. But that’s an in-breath quality. Outer identification and expressiveness will fall away when you have something like that. But, again, that’s half the breath; there’s a dilemma.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: The Overlap

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