Balance and Connection

The first time we do anything we are not expert at it. Expertise comes with practice and repetition. Greater consciousness works this way as well: at first we choose to be aware of something in our environment, or as part of our inner process, and, if we repeat this over time, our systems will pick up the way of it for us – in the same way that we learned to drive a car. Becoming conscious about anything can add a new automatic process to our systems, which is a great form of gathering new intelligence. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I only remember my last dream. And, in that dream, it’s like I was in this room, but this room was maybe on a college campus or something. And there were protests going on.

The protests were supposed to be very controlled, but it felt like after the controlled part of the protests, that people kind of acted a bit like a dragon, or something. Or maybe they were even real dragons that sometimes came and they kind of broke some chains, because there was one out on the balcony or something. But they didn’t really seem to harm anybody, they just seemed to cause a bit of physical damage. 

And so I was kind of studying that out, just kind of what happens when crowds get out of control or something. Or when they protest. But they caused a little more damage than they thought they were going to. So I was just trying to study out how that was happening, and it seemed to be happening in the same physical setting as where I was sleeping, except it was a college campus instead of a bedroom.

John: So I guess you were looking at how you affect things, which might mean you’re still contending with as an impression or a way of looking at yourself. In other words, everything is affected by what goes on in the environment around you. And you have to be strong enough to be able to take every effect into something to which you’re able to recognize even something more in terms of things. 

The effect that you seem to be portraying is the ability to hold a particular kind of quality so that you can be in a balance with what is going on around you. To be able to note that, to be able to recognize that something more that’s going on around you. That seems to be kind of like a quality of the chi, or the Tao, aspect of it that you’re looking to understand, and looking to maintain in terms of a kind of balance of nature. 

So you must be dreaming this either because it’s an effect or an influence from the Tao teacher, or you’re dreaming it because you’re trying to hold a quality of a space in relationship to something else that’s going on. 

And you know that it’s important to hold that space in order to be able to let something unfold in the universe, that you’re able to then connect and pay attention to, or recognize, in a different way. The theme of the dreaming last night had to do with being able to maintain a balance and connection to an aspect of the Tao.

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