A Displacement

In this dream, we see a series of images that involve a type of displacement, or dislocation. And, after a rejection – an emotional hurt – the fire alarm goes off and the dreamer is trying to reconnect a part of herself with the precious jewelry that has been left behind in the mayhem. These images show how energetics reverberate within us, causing collateral issues on multiple fronts. Not only can they make us aware of what is unfolding, but we can also get a sense of whether our internal responses are soothing or escalating the issue. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the beginning of my dream, it almost felt like I was traveling on a train, but the train must have come to a stop, and there’s a group of us that are staying in these, almost feels like motel rooms, like all on one level or something.

Initially, I’m with a man that I like. And I almost have kind of a ritualistic way of, I don’t know, walking about the room, or a way I lay down, or a way I place things, but it feels like the man gets up and he’s actually rejecting, which makes me feel badly and I leave. 

And it’s like I try, then, to put together in my own mind, like, am I doing the ritual, right? Or am I doing whatever I’m doing right? Just in how I move about the room, or what I do there, and will that bring him back, or not? 

But after a while, I have to kind of just let go of that thought, do the best I can. I go out the door and I go down the hall. I realize that there’s a man and a woman that were group leaders or seminar leaders that are somewhere around – I don’t entirely trust them, but it feels like people go to them because they’re in charge of things. 

And I’m walking down towards there, where they are. Then it’s like a fire alarm or something goes off and I see somebody who’s jumped up out of bed, who must have been asleep, and rushed out the door and ran down the hall. 

And I look in and I realize that they must have taken their jewelry off right before they went to sleep and had laid it right next to the bed – and they had like some emerald earrings, and some gold, and like five or six pieces of jewelry. And so I pick up the emerald earrings and some of the gold and wrap it up in a napkin to take with me because I don’t want to just leave it laying there on the floor, I want to find the person and give it to them, because I realize they were just disoriented. 

Then I continue on down the corridor. At one point, I run into the woman who’s the head of the group and we seem to have a brief conversation, like she wants me to join them where they are. And then I’ve gone outside, and I realize that there’s this tremendous snow covering the ground. And even the water nearby is frozen over. 

And the man that’s the seminar leader now has joined me and we’re walking a bit like he’s talking. I’m more preoccupied with just studying the landscape, I’m supposed to be a part of the group, I’m supposed to even be kind of interested in how these people that lead balance you out or something, but I’m actually fairly distant. I’m more preoccupied with studying the landscape, or even keeping a certain distance, but I also seem to just be keeping in motion.

That’s all I remember of the dream.

John: It’s a dream that requires something about yourself that has to be kept, maintained, on a pedestal in order for something to actually work, otherwise you get splayed out, or disjangled.

In other words, it’s like you can’t establish something like that by trying to hold on, or cling, in some fashion because that, as an energetic, keeps you from seeing what it is that you already own. That is already yours; causes it to stay in a displacement. 

The scenario that must be triggering something like this, is your noting a commodious imbalance in the atmosphere. A part of yourself is listening to a greater flow, and knowing that you hold that flow, and that flow actually has, in its deep echo within, a very impersonal echo to it. The problem is that in the appearances in the outer there are, in the atmosphere, what appears to be a discombobulation that has to do with personal misalignment.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: A Displacement

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