Strength in Numbers

People have always come together over mutual interests, whether because of career, children, hobbies, or passions. But what will this look like in the future? We rapport with people who have similar energetic signatures to our own, created by the ways we think, act, and generate as individuals. So, many of the relationships we find important are really meetings of our tribe – people who radiate at a similar frequency to ours. Now we do this unconsciously, but the time is coming where this will be a more conscious choice. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, I observe myself sitting in a group, and notice a cluster of ties, a cluster of ties meaning more ties than you can possibly hold. So many ties that they even have a weight to them – because not everyone can hold the weight of all these ties. 

And ties have a persona and a way of appearance. And so this group of people means, let’s just say there are 100 people sitting around, everyone generic to each other. And yet, throughout this group, these humongous bundles of ties somehow get passed to certain people that can hold all these ties. And, little by little, these ties, as they move along, get distributed or get taken by others. You don’t actually notice that, however, until, at the end, you notice that you’re in the image in which the group is now broken into little subgroups, and the pictures are taken of the subgroups, and they all have maybe 10 or 15 ties in common together. 

And so that makes an interesting picture because a similitude has developed out of what had been just this humongous capacity of an overallness in which you had this varied, and this varied, and this varied and they come to sort themselves out. 

And so that’s how this first dream starts. What is going on is I’m describing a process of evolution in which we all start as a collectiveness. And, based upon similitudes in terms of what we like, get placed in small groups with those of similar tastes. The comment someone makes is this looks random and arbitrary. But it’s not; it works as a process to sift and sort the collective consciousness. 

The meaning is that the ties symbolically represent a way of being. The subset group symbolically stands for a coming together in terms of what is similarly situated. Now, of course, the sleep dream pointed out that you don’t sit that way. As you have come together you’re able then to go back and immerse into life. This is not a question of segregation. 

So the way this is done seems arbitrary. And I am told, in spite of general overall appearance, this works, as those similar find others to relate to as well. The principal being, there is strength in numbers – and with those we have a connection with.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Strength in Numbers

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