A Need to Stretch

When we have confrontations, in a dream, we are confronting ourselves – even if the situation seems to reflect our outward life situations. And, when we remember that life works from the inside out, any connections or collaborations we make on the inside will radiate into outer life. Said another way, if we want kindness in the world, we must find kindness in ourselves. It may require a stretch from our normal patterns, but what begins by stretching often leads to permanent growth and change. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so then, in the next dream, I find myself in a gym, basically in a shower and locker area. And in this gym is another person; he’s actually smaller than me, but he’s always in this gym – for me, it’s not usual to be in the gym – which means he’s always exercising and working out. 

And one glance at him and you could tell, by the way he looks and everything, and my sense of looking back at self, it’s a consideration that he’s stronger. And so then there is a waft in the energy. And the barrier in the energy, in which something is off in the vibration, is that from his perspective, in a dense way, he has a right to pick on me. 

So, to begin with, I think maybe I should leave and get dressed in the hallway. But then I come to realize that that just keeps something haywire, something separate. So as I review the situation, I realize how silly this is. 

Plus, it would set up a precedent that I cannot hang with what is in the outer, and that I have to break the physical barrier – because the physical barriers are not what things are about. And it’s not a good complex to have the idea that this is like this, and that’s like that, in terms of separation. 

So this is an advancement of the first dream. In that, like the first dream, I’m finding myself in scenarios where I do not see myself as belonging, or, in other words, I’m in a collective and I can’t sort anything out, is basically a better way of saying it.

And from this I’m coming to know that a merged essence and result is possible. And it’s possible in spite of appearances and seeming differences. Thus you get to the point where through a collaborated combobulation, that on the surface seems a bit bizarre and out of place, and, as we are able to intertwine, an end result emerges out of this. And what is surprising is that we are able to step forward in this way, in terms of the growth of our being in life. 

And so you might say that’s like a meaning, but then it has a suggestion to it. And the suggestion is, I have been concerned about being where I could be affected unnaturally by being out of place in an awkward situation. 

This image points out that the net effect is good if you can take it in. You can handle that. You don’t have to run from it like everyone does. And the dream is suggesting when I accept myself as being in the mix of a setting in which I am required to stretch, I evolve my consciousness and am able to come to know a greater intertwined overallness, and am able to see that what comes to be enriches the atmosphere, opens things up, and everything, and everyone, and we all become more complete and more naturally accepting. 

This is a flow in which an intertwined naturalness that may not seem possible finds itself amidst the supposed differences. By that I mean, barriers fall away when we courageously, with focus and an intent, come together to evolve.

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