The Awareness

In dreams, like in movies, the impossible seems to happen all the time. Things appear out of nowhere, do improbable things, and then disappear again. Mountains grow up from the ground, fjords open up, and people go swimming by. Sometimes it feels almost like a beckoning, asking us to follow, because, if we were to join that journey to that unknown place, what might we discover? Something beautiful? A deeper creativity? An awakened sense of self? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So my last dream was a little bit like a vision, and a little bit like traveling, or journeying, which would be more shamanistic; this is a little different than a regular dream. 

In this dream I own a house that is high above a raging river. It’s way up and I look down on the ground below. And even this place that I own is quite isolated. It’s like a type of retreat that I go to – and it’s huge. This is big, and it feels very special in terms of getting away from things. 

It’s like I’m by myself there. But then suddenly, I notice a place that I hadn’t noticed before, which is on the other side of this raging river – it’s kind of built in because it’s a mountain that shoots up from the bottom there. And I look out again, and see, to begin with, it looks like a dock and a boat, and that the owner who owns this place has arrived. 

It’s a long kind of white boat, like you’d see a yacht, except it sticks out into the river. It can’t be sticking out on the river, this is a raging river, but somehow it is at the moment. It’s kind of a beautiful sight, but, still, I thought I was isolated and nothing was around. 

So the spot, and the energy, and all of that across the way is really raw, so I don’t know how he got building materials there to even erect such a place. And then I look out again, and a fjord has opened up. In other words, something has opened up that goes into the mountain, a channel. And there’s a little bit of the river that’s flowing into that, and the boat goes down there and out of sight. The dock disappears, the whole thing. It’s going somewhere there. 

And then, as I’m watching, there’s like four people. One guy is a big-bodied kind of guy. And then there are a few others that I didn’t pay any attention to; I was staring at this one bigger guy trying to figure out who and what he was because maybe he’s a bodyguard, he’s a muscle guy, you don’t mess with this type. And he swims into the fjord with these others, and they disappear. 

Well, you know, I’m observing all this, but I can’t talk you into going over there, but I need to explore it. But I make this agreement with you that I won’t go into the fjord. So I go over there. 

And what I hadn’t seen from the other side is, on one side of this building, is kind of like an artist shed or complex. And there’s a whole bunch of vases, but they’re gorgeous; they’re being painted. And there are other things being painted, but it’s the vases that stand out. And I’m kind of impressed by this creativity. 

Then in the next image I seem to have laid down in this area, and I haven’t seen the artist or anything yet, but suddenly laid over my eyes is something with something written on it. And when I open my eyes, it talks about a particular quality of something. 

So I lay back after having read it, almost like I’m in kind of a little bit of a stupor. And then when I move to read it again it says something different again – it’s progressed. I don’t have the time to figure out quite what it says and what it means, although I’m pondering it. And it would have been nice, I was close to actually remembering it in the dream, what it said at the beginning and what it said in the end, but I couldn’t quite pull that out. 

The meaning of this is this is a dream about access to more waking up within that hasn’t been noticed before. Last night I felt like a type of download was hitting, in that I now know why I can hear things every now and then. I actually can hear this stuff almost as if there is a language in the grounding of things, as if there’s a language in the matter of things. 

I mean, it woke me up. But the thing was the whole thing started really early. And then, after writing it up, I went into kind of a trance zone and all night long I was somewhere. And I was just enamored with what I was seeing, and I wrote up a little bit of it. So it was like getting a whole huge downloaded input in terms of a sudden waking up of an awareness by being able to pull into this shamanic zone of something in-between, in order to see and look at things that I hadn’t been paying any attention to before, but had been purposely shoving aside.

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