No Surprises

Why are we continually surprised by the way things unfold in life? Is it because our imagined ideas, and preferences, for the future are at odds with the reality before us? It is a common trap we fall into, whenever our ego expands beyond its scope. We have a brilliant system of senses and faculties designed to read and process what is happening in any given moment, and to help us navigate whatever is unfolding – but we have to let go of our ego control and allow the system to work. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And then I have something else going on in which I then go: the theme of the dreaming is about coming down in a way that pulls things together, energetically, in terms of a focus of directed attention. 

In the dream I am using myself as an example when I talk to two women about why something is important to contend with. I say to them, I can see why that isn’t done, and that I, too, have let things like that go – so I understand this – when I used to have to take such things like that into account, and didn’t. 

And then I cite an example. The back seat cushion I sit on over there, like in a class or something, occasionally breaks. And I put up with this broken chair, even though it is an inconvenience, when I could fix it in 10 minutes and be done with procrastination. 

And so then I write up what is going on energetically. It’s an energetic confusion, I have a sense of a pulling-down energetic that is causing me to open my heart up to accommodate a greater overallness of nature. Ordinarily, when I see something in the outer that strains the heart because it is something my nature wants to ignore, the heart has to adjust, and, when it adjusts it contractively winces.

That is in accordance with staying separate. I am now looking at the flow differently, almost as if I’m going to now try to reverse the polarity: instead of an outward polarity, I’m looking at how it is possible to take a coming-to-grips with my dealing more with appearances in the physical by shifting the energetic for the purpose of freeing up a denseness that I am inclined to ignore.

That’s very, very shamanistic oriented. In other words, it’s a type of view and it’s a mannerism in which it says that whatever is happening in the outer is not of any surprise whatsoever. You know it, you’ve experienced it, it cannot catch you by surprise. 

And so if there’s anything that is new that comes into the environment, you work with it; you shift it, you shape it, you work with it. That’s very shamanistically oriented. It’s a different stream of attention and direction, as opposed to the direction that has you going into a greater soul depth somewhere else, which is more in-breath oriented.

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