The Shaper

At first, we are shaped by things: people, events, our environment, and we have almost no defenses against what we are exposed to. As we grow and progress, particularly on a spiritual path, we build energetic defenses, or an energetic space (aura), that protects us from lower energetic exposure. If we keep going, we can become so energetically potent that we can begin to change the ecology around us, in a good way, which ultimately changes the way people and things behave in that space. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: What I remember of my earliest dream is it feels like a plane was landing and it was bringing people in. And I was part of an organization that must have had a contract with these people and was hosting them. 

And, as I got off the plane, we had a machine that was like, I forget what they call them, those machines where they’re manufacturing everything now, we had one of those machines, and we would make for each of them a baseball bat. Now, I was observing this. 

Now my problem with this whole process was that I know that the people getting off the plane believe that they have a contract with us about what they’re getting out of this whole trip. And that I know that they believe that they’re getting the machine that will make the bats. Now the problem, as I see it, is we’re making the bat for them out of pine. Now I tend to believe that an actual bat that people go out and use has more than just pine in it, maybe it has something inside that makes it more solid? I’m not sure about all this. 

I’m also not sure if that was actually the wood that you’d actually want to make a bat out of. And I don’t think that they’re actually going to go home with the machine that makes the bats like they think they’re going to. In other words, I believe that the contract is unclear. So I have reservations about all this, that I feel like they’re getting off the plane thinking that the agreement is one way with what they’re going to be receiving and taking home. And I’m not sure that’s how the agreement is actually written up by the corporation. 

And so I’m trying to study it out, or ask somebody and figure out what it actually is because I feel like there’s some deception involved.

John: So you’re trying to evaluate, or look at, or are playing with inside of you an age-old question, which is, to what degree, as you develop, and as you become more conscious, how is it that you catch up with things? 

And so you’re seeing yourself as having a sense in which you are working with tools that enable something to develop. But as you’re looking at what is developing, or coming to pass, inside of you, you wonder about whether that’s all there is, or not? In other words, is there something more? 

Do you just change in such and such a way, but there is actually something more than yourself that is behind all of this, that you don’t actually have an access to? Or that you have an access to, but you aren’t that. And so what ends up happening, in terms of you as you go through life, like for example as you’re learning Tai Chi, you’re learning a certain weaponized aspect of development of self, energetically speaking, maybe it has a physical orientation but energetically speaking in terms of a connection and a flow, but is there more? 

Can you actually go all the way to, and connect and come together with, that part which is the designer, which is the shaper, which is the creator of it all? Or is all that is possible limited to just a connection to a flow? And the flow then, if that’s the case, where are you at in relationship to this? In other words, this is a flow that affects matter, and so is the matter that’s affected of this composition, or that? 

So you’re playing around, wondering, okay, is what you’re doing that has a flow connected to it limited in some capacity to which it can only look at and get more fluid with the flow that seems to have a way of creating things, or results in things being this or that, and does this ever get or go to a point where you are that, you are the machine that makes these objects out of, basically, energy? Can you do that? Or do you just have access to the flow? 

You’re rationalizing and reasoning this all the way to the point where, you know, you can’t help but notice that maybe there’s a hardwood bat and you have a sense to a soft wood bat. Can you gain a sense to the hardwood bat? And then again, do you really know what the composition of the bat needs to be? And then, is that somehow holding you back?

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