Some Space Inside

Alchemy can appear in many forms, particularly in dreams. Yet whenever one thing is transformed into something else, it could be said that an alchemical process has occurred. The world has searched for centuries to capture the mystery of this process externally, but we humans have always had the ability to do it internally, through the states we hold energetically. The more potent we become, the greater the effect we can have. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in my last dream, I seem to be in some kind of a workshop, and my Tai Chi instructor is there, and he’s having me and a couple other people that are there make something. 

And I know the end product is you take this little square piece, and you come out with what looks like something that’s square on the edges but round in the middle, almost like a ring. But I’m supposed to go make some. 

Well, my first attempt, I look at it, and it’s kind of lopsided. And it appears to be made out of metal. And there’s even a buzz saw there that you use to cut some of the material out initially. But I’ve never used a buzz saw before, so I’m kind of intimidated by that. 

And then I look and I notice that I’ve picked up this kind of midnight blue cloth, and I feel like I can actually take that cloth and I will eventually come out with this metal thing we’re supposed to make. But, in order to do it, because there’s not enough to work with, when I look at the work table I just see a scrap of something and nothing that looks like enough to begin with, and then I found this cloth, the first thing I want to do is find the bias on it. So I’ve pulled a thread so I can see where the true bias is, as opposed to what it looks like, because the initial thing I made was a little lopsided. So now I want to get things so that they’re cut correctly. 

And then I realize the cloth has even more folds to it than I thought so that, if I cut it, I can actually put some extra squares on the table for other people to use. So I’m just starting to work with that as my starting point when the alarm goes off.

John: So you’re answering the question, and delving more into the issue of what was brought up in the first dream. And what you’re noticing is that you can have an effect upon things. And that effect is something that you can pass on to others, which suggests and implies that something is created that comes and happens as a consequence of how it is that you are able to connect in some space inside of yourself. 

And that you, initially, in looking at this, end up with something that isn’t very functional. But ultimately you end up with something that has aspects to it that you can pass on, or a surplus for the benefit of others.

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