The Upliftment

We know the warm feeling we get when we witness an animal that is touched by something human, perhaps they respond to a particular piece of music, or a troubled animal asks a human for help in being rescued. Something passes between the human and the animal in these moments and it can be magical. We can also have such moments with trees, or flowers, or even a creek when we open ourselves up with a quiet energetic, rather than the usual noise and busy-ness. And it is a great service for a human to touch other forms of life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the meditation dream, I’m noticing that the way I use the subtler and subtler energy is not for greater acuity in a situation, in other words control over the situation, but it is to be able to go into slow, dense matter more and more graciously. 

The average person on a consciousness path takes and thinks that as they are becoming more and more conscious they’re becoming more and more removed from the way things affect them, and impact them. And, yes, you can look at it that way as if you’re making, so to speak, the journey out of here. And that can be like one situation; that can be what’s presented to you as an option, I suppose, that you can attempt to get more and more removed from the things that have a tangible effect upon you. 

But I am noticing that as my subtler and subtler energy is developing, that opening up at the same time is the ability to have a greater and greater way of contending with the world of denseness. Or, in other words, this greater and greater way of getting outside of some sort of deceptive illusion of oneself, that you know is lifting off, and remaining or getting even more grounded instead. 

So I lay back in the hope of going back into the dream for details, which caused me to realize that subtler and subtler energy goes from the world it is in into dense matter. The greater speed and dexterity are not used for the purpose of control over matter, but for the purpose of upliftment. 

Yesterday, I got hot when I couldn’t stand the density around me. That is a no-no and abuse of energy. So you might say that, in a way, I’m looking at, also, the effect of shamanistic energy, which I would consider the helpful energy in regards to coming down and having to contend more directly in the physical. 

And I also noticed that, as you come down and are able to contend more with things that go on in the physical, that you are impacted by a kind of Kundalini energy, a dense Kundalini energy, that can send you off on a spin. And it can keep you from maybe being able to sleep and stuff like that because you’ve quickened a certain sensibility of things, and you can struggle with the idea of ramifications in this, that, or the other as opposed to being able to handle that in a light-handed way.

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