Another Aspect of Self

We hear the phrases: we are connected to everything, and, the universe is a oneness. But what do these statements really mean? Are we responsible for the tree dying in the forest? Well, as human beings, we can’t take on responsibility for greater processes than we can handle, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have an awareness and a connection to the greater processes as they unfold in other forms of life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so, in my first dream, Dean is visiting. And, as we’re talking, he asks if I want my opinion on some subject, and we’re talking about something else. And so I have to kind of stop, adjust myself because I realize that one has just passed through something in which there is a quality of indulging, in which he asked this question about that. 

And so I go along, and he says: you do not want to do anything that limits your ability to get out of here. 

And so, you might say, that’s the counter thing. In other words, all this is doing is noting, just like what you were doing as you were determining the extent to which you actually are the creator, and not just something that has access to the flow. 

In my dream I’m trying to determine what is involved in terms of being able to open up more inside and find the sensitivity and this access to subtler energies – and what do I do with that? And so on one hand, of course, there’s the belief that you can take and utilize that to go home, or to be less affected and impacted by the density of things around you. That would be that answer. But who knows what limits one’s ability? Because there also is the understanding that we are everything, including the density of things around us, and we have to delve into that in order to free ourselves up. 

And so there also is this energetic that’s going on inside of me that’s pointing out the counter to that. The common notion is where people take and think they have to do this or that, and then realize when they don’t need to be doing this or that, do they step away from it, do they transcend that? Or, do you get to a point where you go up and you go down and, as you develop subtler energy, you’ve taken it down deeper into the density, and the mannerisms and the qualities of the physical?

And you have to keep doing it graciously, because it’s very easy to develop a beatitude when something goes askew or amiss, and you can be kind of righteous in your subtle energy to that which is dense. And that’s not a very proper dialogue. And what it does is it creates barriers of separation. 

And so if you develop a certain consciousness that enables you to have a certain quality that steps out, so to speak, in an inner capacity way, what you’re doing is actually acting as if things that are denser are a problem, rather than them being another aspect of yourself that your subtler energy can come into. But you are making choices, as opposed to allowing yourself to be intertwined. 

So anyway, this is like the dialogue that’s going back and forth in which there is that little statement, which comports with a certain pattern where I would go into a void or an emptiness and actually get to a point where I could know things and whatnot, but not necessarily be grounded, not necessarily be within the flow or the context of the breath. 

And then when one starts looking at the context of the breath, to what degree? And, of course, then you have to understand that if you’re going to be in the context of the breath, how can you reject any portion of the breath in terms of being able to play in manifestation, which includes the lower portion of the breath, which is the shamanistic zone, the zone that is able to have an effect in terms of being able to work with the matter in the outer?

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