What’s Involved?

We see how the patterns in nature are echoed in the human body, and also repeated in the expanse of the universe. Similarly, when we have a question in ourselves, or are bothered by something, it can often be a reflection of a deeper pattern within. This dream showcases just such a scenario, where the questions being asked are not only about the specifics shown, but have ramifications throughout the life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I dreamt a lot last night, but I didn’t pull most of them out. The last two dreams, which seemed to be almost the same, it was like I was assessing, in this case I think I was with Blake Shelton, there were like three people standing there, one was his wife, and we were assessing whether or not he wanted to continue on with the same people in his life, when he cleaned house, or whether he wanted to change them or not. 

Then it felt like I was doing the same thing with Rene, maybe we were traveling. And I was going to get her a new suitcase, and what kind would she want, like soft-sided or hard-sided? Which one’s easier? And then trying to help her clean her house, and kind of what did you want to keep, and what didn’t you want to keep? 

Those are the dreams I remembered. I know I was dreaming a lot more than that, but I couldn’t quite pull them out.

John: So you’re with Blake Shelton, and others that were there, and you’re trying to determine what could stay there and what couldn’t. And then it repeated and you’re with Rene. So what this dream is about is you’re evaluating what’s involved, and what comes, with a certain involvement where you get close to something. 

In other words, if you get close to Blake Shelton and all of that, to what degree is there something that comes through that connection, or not. And if you’re working with Rene in regards to something, to what degree does something more come out of that? 

So if you’re dreaming, if you have this as a question inside of yourself, it isn’t just in those areas. And if you’re having this as a question inside of yourself, then you’re having this as a question in all other parts of yourself as well. Because generally a pattern repeats, and repeats, and repeats, and repeats. 

So if you’re asking this as a question inside yourself, you’re also asking this as a question in terms of where do things go, and what’s to come out of it, with regards to what you’re doing in Tai Chi? You’re also raising this question in relationship to where do things go in terms of the dream world, or your relationship with me, on all levels you’re asking this question because you can’t ask it in just one variant. 

And so to be asking this kind of question in all of these areas, in every area of your life, because that’s the vibe, and so the vibe is if you were to tell the dream he’d be asking you what’s going on in your life, as if then to look at whatever is going on in your life to see to what degree this bears asking as a question? 

The thing about this, though, is that would be an attempt to apply it to something in particular, and oftentimes it can be applied to something in particular. However, as you develop more consciously, your dreams get applied into the world. And so because you dream more there can be a period of time when you could be noodling with one particular thing, and then the dream would be specific to one particular subject matter. 

But then as you learn to dream more in an impersonal sense of yourself, or in a bigger schematic, your dream then applies to the macrocosm. So you can’t take and isolate it to one event. Plus the nature of your dream indicates that it can’t be isolated to one particular event because you have it in regards to where do things stand in regards to where your situation is with Blake Shelton and whatever’s going on in that entourage of things? 

And where do things stand in relationship to Rene and what’s involved there in terms of whatever, and it goes on and on and on? You’ve repeated twice or three times, it can go on and on and on and into many different variables. And so then you back it up and then you then apply it as a sweeping energy because if you’re carrying the vibration, then you’re carrying that sense and you’re feeding it into the world, and so in the world, this question and this motif is thrown out there.

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