Carving a Trail

It is the nature of things to refresh and regrow. When we clear a path, if it doesn’t get used regularly, it will grow wild again. This is true for our psychologies as well. We don’t rid ourselves of long-time patterns and defense mechanisms in one go, we must continually rewrite a new pattern in ourselves, a new awareness or consciousness, to set the old aside and move into the new. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in this dream, first of all, the prior I said, then this had to shift because it was just slightly over, things were slightly over, slightly over, slightly over and what does that mean? And so at the end of that initial I say this set the stage for the following vision. I call it a vision, but what it is is a traveling, it’s a vision, it’s going through a portal, and it’s a dream all rolled into one, all four things happened at one time. 

So I just refer to it as kind of a dream vision, though. And I see myself zipping down a trail with a tool in my hand that I have that is able to cut the branches overhead, it’s kind of like you’re going through a jungle, you see this in movies where the growth is so big. 

Well, in this particular case, I’m carving a trail out, and I’m making a wide swath trail. And the branches and everything that are in the road are all dead, and I’m cutting all these dead branches out. And they’re just snapping, they’re cutting out very quickly. They’re cutting out as fast as I can walk, basically, they’re just going snap, snap, snap, snap, very easy to cut these branches. 

And then generations go by, 100 years, 1000 years, who knows, lots of time goes by, like I say this is like a portal dream, and I’m going down the same trail again. And this time I have to duck under the branches that have now grown back. And they’re big branches overhead. In other words, there are no low branches, they’re big branches and they’re like canopy overhead. 

And I pondered the idea of maybe cutting them so I don’t have to lean under them, but that would be a humongous job. These are big, vibrant branches now. What had been created, you could still see the evidence of the trail, there was nothing growing in my path on the ground, I could dip down underneath and I could zip along. In other words, I couldn’t just necessarily walk along. When this got cleared ages and eons ago, there were just dead branches as an overhang. I cleared out a huge vault area to walk naturally down. But when I came back generations later, these were big branches that grew overhead, but they didn’t impact the path. You might have to dip down so you didn’t run into them. And you just didn’t have the time, it was too laborious to cut those branches. 

So I duck under these branches, and I zip along just fine. You could see what was designed in terms of carving this vault room out has now matured over the passage of time, to another kind of naturalness that exists. 

And I can trust what was done before. The trail that exists is consistent in its current condition, in which the branches that have grown back are much stronger and more alive. And they have protected this whole vortex into this thing. 

And then a person I’m with, like a shadow or whatever, a person that I’m with as I’m going through ducking under these branches, who apparently was with me generations ago, uses a word that I’ve never used before, but I know what the word means: frosted. The person says that, generations ago, I really got frosted when a branch cut long ago didn’t snap, as there was life in this particular branch. And that the device that was used by my shadow at that time that I chewed out, took his cutter into the branch and the branch came off, and instead of cutting it broke off, and the cutter was sitting there, right underneath a pine cone.

And I got really frosted when that happened. Apparently that branch nurtured a pine cone that involved what could be different or altered in life. And so now I’m back. And this comes up and is presented to me as I have stepped out of the canopy into a meadow of tall grass. Now it’s gonna take me a bit to walk through this very very lush grass when it didn’t take any effort to walk through the canopy because there was no undergrowth. Now I’m going through one of the most lush meadows I’ve ever seen, the grass is just immense. 

And you’re just wading through extremely tall grass. And so I know that what has happened is that branch that had the pine cone in it, over generations that have gone by, cutting something that had this life in it, took out that effect of the canopy and now you’re in a meadow.

So what is going on now? For one thing, this was presented underneath a particular vibration of a question of the teacher. And so it starts off on this level. So the security and protection and design measures that I walked through as the trail with the overhead, that’s the warrior path. That’s the warrior overhead. And it sliced and affected life in a very direct way. 

But the design from long ago has a lasting effect that is evident today in how it is that I am to be. And so how is it that I am to be? I’m in the meadow. I had my issues over what happened, maybe I didn’t like the break that happened ages ago, you know I was really frosted about the pine cone. That aspect of something in life got cut, when it shouldn’t have, and over time, what had been something with the canopy and everything, now, generations and generations later, as a result of the loss of that pine cone, we have a meadow there with really lush grass. And that’s a spaciousness. 

The process is different now, in that the effect of what was groomed long ago, and that a vital seed that was cut inadvertently long ago, has resulted today in a meadow, in other words, something didn’t continue like this line now, an openness. It didn’t have to be this way. What was designed long ago by pruning the dead branches has stood the test of time so that today a protection extends and is a natural overhead that still abides. In the meadow area, what has evolved is more open and a different mode of beingness. 

So the meaning: this is a portal dream in which life that was groomed and shaped long ago is experienceable, today, by the wayfarer, as a natural knowingness from then to now. So when the warrior is needed, a natural canopy resides. When the freedom of a greater letting go is meant to be, and more than just dead wood is affected, a meadow of lush grass exists. 

So what’s the deeper meaning? I, in the present, am looking at consequences from the past. The levels of awareness now are based upon how I conducted myself then.

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