Up From Within

There are rules associated with surprise parties: you can’t tell anyone, you have to be there at a specific time, and good directions are required. Well, we can say all these same attributes are needed for the new that is rising within us. We can’t speak about it, because we’re not sure what it is exactly. Timing is important, too soon and and it may not show up, and too late and it may already be over. And we must know how to get there – which is the trickiest part because it’s not a brain understanding, but an intuitive sense of how and when to let go to the arising itself. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in the first dream, it seems like I’m in this town and I’m going to be going to a party, and it’s going to be a surprise party for a woman. But I’m not quite sure how I get to her house. 

And I seem to go to a small restaurant, and I run into her. But I can’t quite tell her I’m going to her house yet, it’s a surprise party, but I am trying to figure out how to get there. It’s a small town, it feels like I even ask directions of people. And I seem to have a strange vehicle for getting there, maybe almost like a horse made out of wood or something. 

At first, everything’s benign. I’m looking for how to get somewhere and going there at night, but then the dream takes a shift. It feels like there’s a group of us that are being persecuted, or they want to capture us. And she’s one of them, but there’s other people with me now, too, and it’s almost like I’ve given them a ride to the area where the party was. 

And now we’ve gone to an underground area to try to get away. And we feel like we’ll be cornered if we don’t get away, it felt like people will put chains on us. And they might keep us prisoner, they might kill us, might use us for food. I’m just not sure what’s going on here. 

So I can tell the people that are coming to get us are not far away, and I go to an area and it feels like in the basement of this large building that we’re in there’s a small river. And it’s been dammed at one end. So there’s a bunch of rapids there. But the rapids go right by a laundry. And I’ve gathered together about four or five of us and when I see the people coming to capture us, I have this idea that we’re gonna have to jump into the rapids. And we can maybe get out right where the laundry is, if we can make it that far. Not sure at first, might make it, might drown. 

But on the other hand, if we stay we’re going to be held prisoner. So somehow, with a small group of people, we jump into the water, we make it as far as the laundry, and then we make it somewhere else, it feels almost like another land. It’s sunny out, we’ve kind of climbed up on a bit of a pyramid structure, we’re drying out a little bit. And the family of one of the women I took with us lives there. They wear outfits that almost look like from a different era and time. Back in the time when you might have Egyptians or South Americans, they’re kind of odd looking outfits. 

Her daughter and her daughter’s husband seem like they’re friendly, but they’re not there right then, and we’ve climbed up on his structure. But then I see down below that there are some people that come that are just like the people in the other land, who would restrain or capture us. So we’re gonna have to see how we can get away from them or move on. We can do it if they realize that we don’t know what they’re up to. We don’t act like we know that. And if we stay semi concealed, it feels like I have almost these cartons or something we can pull ourselves back in, or carts that if we stay low they don’t quite notice us. 

And I feel like if we can look a bit invisible for a while, then we can just slowly move out of the area. But this woman’s daughter and husband come and I reveal the plan to them. But I think if the daughter could get from where we are into their home, she might be okay there. But we need to make an escape. 

So it’s like I’m writing to them, almost like I’m sending a birthday card but I’m sending it in code so that they’ll know what we’re doing. And that’s how they reply back. And other people can’t figure it out, because it’s kind of like one of those things like where if you run they chase you.

John: So you did a portal dream. And so what happens is you start off in which you’re not able to quite flush through a sense of things. You know you’re meant to open something up, or, so to speak, throw a party that is an invisible or blind party. It has nothing to do with the day to day or whatever, it has to come up from within. That’s why it comes up as a blind party. 

And so what that really is doing is it’s an acknowledgement. It’s a recognition of a heartfelt depth acknowledgement that is able to happen based upon something from deep, deep, deep as a connective source within that you’re able to catch up with and bring up. 

However, it’s not like that is tangibly quickened and alive, it’s like it’s dormant. It’s hidden. It’s ancient. It echoes inside of you but you haven’t caught up with it. It goes back to some time, but you haven’t caught up with it. And because you haven’t caught up with it, you’re trapped or you’re stuck in the minutiae of the world that you’re in in which everything haunts you. So instead of there being something that comes out and embraces, and glorifies, and puts something into a really nice condition of openness, instead, without that there, you are everything around you, instead, doesn’t know any better, and it haunts you. It doesn’t mean to do that, it just does. It threatens to put you in chains and trap you, and keep you in some sort of brutalized in the outer state of being. 

But you have this depth of an inner that knows that it’s not supposed to be that way. And that this is meant to be something so much more, but you can’t, as far as you’re able to go in this aspect of the present, as far as dreaming, you can’t throw such a party because that which you’re trying to throw the party to, you haven’t sorted this out somehow or another, you haven’t brought it up into a clarity to where it could be accepted and respected and taken to heart. You instead find yourself plagued and having to be afflicted because you can’t get there. In other words, the bifurcations prevail.

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