Not an Ordinary Step

Why does it take so long for us to accomplish something? Well, one view would be that when we begin, we are not right for that end result, we are not fit for it, and we do not resonate in ourselves at the frequency of that result. So everything we do to get there, all the learning, adapting, updating in ourselves that we do along the way builds our assembly to be right for it, and to hold the energetic frequency of the result. Once we have achieved that state within, we cannot help but have the end product we set out to manifest. This is the way the universe works. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So the meditation dream was short. And, in the meditation dream, I was struggling with trying to catch up with what needs to happen, cannot happen, under these… in other words, this is the framework. And it fits with your dream, except I’m laying the bigger picture here. What needs to happen cannot happen under the existing vibratory circumstances. 

In the dream the situation has to go into a vibration that is not of my liking. I denote the vibration to be a step away from how it is that I am. In other words, I’m my usual way. And in your usual way you tend to be amnesic to something, just like how your dream started, you’re amnesic to something that needed to throw a big party, and you knew this better part of yourself was there. But you didn’t know how to do it because you could be captured, terrorized by those that wanted to do this for. 

So not only is this awkward to do, but doing this takes me away from how it is that I see myself on a day to day basis. So in this dream the doing of this causes me to break through a barrier. In other words, going into doing something that is counter to my ordinary status quo causes me to break through a barrier that exists and take a step into life in the outer. Because whenever you’re carrying yourself in a particular kind of demeanor or mannerism, it is a quality that can be located more on the in-breath. And it’s a spiritual illusion. It’s how you think you’re going, or something.

So the step is not a step I would ordinarily take, in other words, coming back down into life. The results shifts my awareness into a new paradigm. Had I not taken this step I would have remained more closed down, alone, aloof, out of town, out of touch. Now I wouldn’t have considered it necessarily closed down because I would have felt, okay, I have my spiritual illusion, or my way of feeling myself. And I would be alone in that, all right, I would be aloof in that all right. And yes, I would be out of touch of a lot of things that I push away from. 

So by getting this, what is the new effect? Everyone has a basic way of being and an agreement world that works and adheres to this established way that they carry themselves. And for them to stray away from this is out of keeping with how they see, and we see, ourselves. To learn to see oneself in a more inclusive demeanor is a growth step that takes us outside of our usual pattern and, more importantly, more into life in a way that opens us up to a seeing and hearing which hadn’t heretofore existed.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Not an Ordinary Step

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