Hunkered Down

The Jerk movie

We likely all the know the somewhat queasy feeling of feeling so right, and feeling so justified, that we carry out an action knowing full well, the whole time, that what we are doing is also wrong and misguided. The queasy feeling is our higher systems telling us we have entered dangerous territory. Most of the time, nothing really terrible happens except we end up feeling foolish, but it is showing us a powered reaction that can easily go haywire if we aren’t more conscious of it in us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so, in this dream, I’m sitting in a chair doing some things. I don’t see myself in the chair, the dream starts out in which I had been using this chair. It’s kind of an office-type looking chair. And, from this chair, I’ve been doing some trading and activities in the markets and see myself having to complete and settle up those transactions. So I need this chair. 

You know, that’s where I sat down, it’s the spot where you do this. And I’m told I can’t stay in this chair because it doesn’t belong to me. And I haven’t finished the transactions and all the activities. So I take the chair to the other side of the room. And on the other side of the room is another desk, and then there’s a guy that sits at the desk and he’s got his computer terminal, and then he has kind of a side chair where someone could sit down next to him. 

So I take this chair, it wheels like an office chair, and then there’s just a regular flat chair that sits next to the desk. So I have to leave this chair off to one side because he’s already got a side chair where if someone wants to come and sit down, they sit in that. I don’t move that, I just take this chair that runs on rollers because it’s an office chair and I sit down on a regular flat chair next to this guy’s desk – because he’s got his desk wheel chair.

And we go on the computer to fix this. In other words, I refuse to give up the chair until the transaction is settled and sorted out. So, once completed, of course, then I will return the chair back to where it belongs. 

The meaning is be careful what you take on; the chair is a kind of karma. This is karma, an action that involves taking on a position in which I get caught up in having to sort out a waywardness. I could get caught up in something that requires me to have to sort out a waywardness and takes me out of a heartfelt place that needs to be upheld in everything that is done.

In this dream, the chair denotes a non-letting go. It’s the heaviness of the vibration. It’s continuing to hunker down in an outer capacity way. The chair symbolizes, reflectively, a physical holding on that I don’t need which is a blight upon the heart. 

In the prior dream, this is reflected by an abusive torturing I do that flashes back upon me. I’m not separate from that energetic, either, even though I’ve created it separately, and I am creating things separately, as if to live it through. That’s the purpose of being in the physical body. 

The setup is there for me to face and absolve, i.e., to burn off the intensity as a dross so it doesn’t keep afflicting me. To do so is to connect to the environment I’m in, and in a more genuine heartfelt capacity. Or, another way of saying it is, you can’t stay in this physical plane, which is all manufactured by this stuff because we have this haywire-ism that we can’t let go of.

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