A Dark Demeanor

In this third dream of a single night, we have reached the point of the internal review where the dreamer is speaking to himself. We are all the characters in our dreams, and here we see a message being sent to the “one in charge” that things cannot continue in this direction. Sensible decisions need to be made, and corrective actions need to be taken. These are the inner conversations we have that help us evolve and refine as we go – and shows us how our dreams are always trying to help. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Then, I had one last dream, we already did this one. So, in the very last dream, a person is proposing a program that benefits the education system at a high school. And, of course, they’re standing there, and they’re proposing it, and I’m standing on one side. 

And then there’s the principal. The principal’s kind of a dark-looking guy, meaning he has a dark energy, he’s taking everything with a grain of salt. And he speaks out and he says he doesn’t agree with these proposed changes. In other words, where’s the money going to come from and everything else? 

And so, without hesitation, I butt into the conversation that I overhear and I say – otherwise it’s in a stalemate – and I say that this is important or the school program will go really backwards. This is needed to maintain what this high school is all about. You have to do it. And just know that you’re going to get the respect that you need from the public to make sure that it’s properly funded, or whatever has to happen. To not do so is to go backwards and have a failed system. 

There is the outer, and then there is the heart. It is easy to see when the head (outer) dictates and not the heart as there is a darkness. The high school principal caught up in the minutiae of things had a dark demeanor, and to change that is why I interceded.

I was appalled. Not that my approach is the way to do it, but the dark demeanor couldn’t continue as a position because that would create more and more outer reflective in this very same way. It would destroy the high school; he’s in charge of this. It would contribute to the trend of tearing it down.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: A Dark Demeanor

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