A Little Guard

As long as we dream we will always have dreams where events aren’t unfolding in the way we expected, and, when that happens the imagery can often spiral even further out of control. The struggle in these situations is for the dreamer to sort out the waywardness of the action, becoming an inner peacemaker, if you will. In this particular case, it is a matter of freeing up the sense of being tied down by the expectations that are yet to be fulfilled. This is why, in a certain way, letting go is always the answer. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I know I dreamt a lot last night, but I didn’t pull out a lot. My later dreams, it’s like one of the people in the building, he’d invited us up to see his unit. So I had gone up with you to see him and his wife and his little dog they had into one of the smaller units.

And you had come up, but you were kind of shocked because it wasn’t really decorated the way we kind of expected; it had a lot of carpet on the floor, and it was smaller. They were watching TV in a room. And you were thinking that they were taking us up to see one of the units where he’d used a lot of wood and stone, but they just had us in this one small place. 

You were thinking he hadn’t even decorated it, but then he pointed out these panels, wood panels with flowers and things painted on it, that he thought were very special – but I could see that you weren’t that impressed. 

I was playing with the dog and talking to the wife a bit. Then it feels like we’d left and we’d come back and we were in one of his larger units. And what I was kind of fascinated by is there were these watches. And they were meant to actually be watches that protected you by acting almost like an alarm system. What the watches would do is if there was a problem, they would go around the wrist of somebody, and maybe then even go into a piece of wood, and lock the person down.

So that if there were a situation where there’s a problem, these watches would act just almost like a little guard. But the problem was the watches were kind of going off on me, instead. It had my own wrist kind of tied down. So I was busy undoing the watch so I wouldn’t get tied down by it, and trying to study out what was going on around me. That’s all I really remember.

John: What you’re doing is trying to put together a balance and a flow in relationship to a sense of things that you have in terms of what is occurring in the environment that you’re in. 

For some reason, this need to put something like that into play was the theme of the dreaming last night, which is something that I know how to do. But, because it’s the theme of the dreaming, you were finding that you were needing to participate in the theme of this sort of unfoldment. And, in doing so, being compelled to have to comply, or make something like this work. 

You were finding that to be kind of an expression and a way of perceiving to be something that was a little unnatural in terms of how you are seeing yourself at this time. The thing about this dream is I think that you were overstepping what it was that you’re able to do because, in terms of how this works, in terms of putting together a schematic that flows in terms of a oneness, I don’t see you working in that capacity. I see you as functioning, though, in a way that has a lot to do with a quality of being able to heal what is unfolding. 

And that what you we’re seeing and perceiving had a quality about it that was in need of something more coming together for it to be able to be a viable expression. I was going to say projection, but projection denotes something that people do, that is kind of a loaded word, that denotes something that people do as a quality of waywardness, and is often something distinct from how it is that they are able, or meant, to be somewhere if they truly find and catch up with how it is and who it is that they really are. 

You’re able to function in a capacity that helps to heal them and come out of some sort of minutia, or confusion, in terms of being able to observe themselves properly.

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