We may get squeamish when we consider what a vulture eats, but through the ages the vulture has been a revered symbol for its ability to turn the coarsest elements into a fuel source without getting sick. It provides a great cleaning service into life as part of the transformative process in nature. In our development, we can attain a level of this capability to energetically clean, first ourselves, but, in time, our environment and others and not be adversely affected. Then we can say we are part of the ecosystem of higher life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, whatever the scenario I’m in I know needs to be speeded up. In speeding the scenario up, the energetics align to bring about a flow in life that’s incredible. 

Now the key is the reason why things don’t bring about this flow is because people have their nuances, their attitudes, their mannerisms, their fears, whatever it might be. And so one has to be able to recognize that and see how that can be shifted, worked with, basically subrogated to a greater speed. 

So I found myself saying that the process of taking a situation and bringing out such mojo, in terms of effect, is like coaching, where a coach is able to take a team or a bunch of people or players and tune that into something that works in unison, as if there is an inner, you know, on a deeper level this is like they’re catching up with an inner quality. 

So what the meditation dream is doing at the center of all of this, it’s a process of going inside, maybe you see things that are disturbing you inside, in terms of the way things are all over the place or buried in the outer. And you apply the effect of a quality of yourself that is able to take on that karmic nature, or absorb that quality. And when you absorb that quality, or, you might say, whatever it is, imbalance, even, if you want to use that word, when you absorb it inside yourself it’s because you can do so and not be affected by it. 

But you’re not actually really truly taking it in. Yes, to a degree you are, but you have to digest it so that it doesn’t become you, or you don’t become like that. And you have a greater sense of yourself inside that is capable of doing that. So you take this sort of thing in which is like a teacher does to a student where it lifts something for the student for a period of time. It’s like you notice something, you’re able to accept it, take it in, not let it affect you. And in that process it enables the person to see something more than they are capable of ordinarily seeing because the issue in front of them tends to keep things blurred, and keeps them bewildered.

So as they see more of what it is that they are meant to see, then they approach life in a more succinct way, more in terms of catching up with how it is that they’re meant to be. And as they do that they are quickened, and then when they are quickened they then find themselves fumbling back into what had been the blur before that stood in the way of them becoming clear in terms of who they are. 

The fumbling back into this vibration, that I would call a type of blur, it’s like having the karma fed back to you. And you either, at this point in time, when you see yourself more clearly and recognize how you are meant to be somewhere more succinctly, the question then becomes: to what degree do you honor that? Or do you fall back into the spell of things that had predominated before? 

So it’s like when a teacher says that this is what they do with the student is they absorb the karma and then it gets fed back to them, it’s this very same process in which we function in terms of the outer that we go about and we take and are able to digest or accommodate the imbalances that we see around them so that something else is accentuated. And then some little part of our self knows how to take and not necessarily support the illusion, or, in other words, help facilitate them to take that back on and look at themselves. We know how to do that, naturally, as a part of how it is that we are in terms of being able to recognize how somebody really is somewhere. So we allow that then to come back to them, and they, then, either go back into their minutiae dementia, or they take a step forward. 

So this is how something changes in life. This is the approach of the Khuajikhan, this ability to do this sort of thing over and over again. And that’s why, 1000s of years ago, people who were like this were held with a certain degree of reverence, and in fear even, because they had this ability to cause something to transpire. And sometimes what transpired in a person could be viewed as something that isn’t something that they would have gotten caught up in ordinarily. 

And the reason they wouldn’t have gotten caught up in it ordinarily is that there’s something about a sight and a speeding up that caused the person to let go as part of recognizing something greater about themselves. So this is the capacity in which I was dreaming, in terms of how to look around and take in the environment that I’m in.

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