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We often hear people say that they feel most alive when they are in the intensity of dangerous situations or thrilling events, and part of that feeling comes from having all of our systems at a high level of activity: our senses, our brain, our intuition all working at peak levels to see us through what is happening. Yet there is a similar experience and possibility for us when we go very quiet inside, settling the noise of ego-driven busy-ness, and feeling connected to the greater energetic processes at play. When we find that inner place, it is equally alive and thrilling to experience – without the danger. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, historically speaking, this is what the Khuajikhan several 1000 years ago were able to do for the brief time they were able to come out into the open. Such conduct, in a way that changes the matter of things, is a rare thing to behold. 

And, of course, this is what’s waking up as the pattern now of actually doing this sort of thing, and requires an inner consciousness and outer beingness to come together in a designed way that is in keeping with a knowingness to what is meant to be. Recognizing who they are, and wanting to be more real in spite of the stuff that gets in the way now, that they didn’t realize got in the way because it was unconscious, it brings it to the surface. 

Rarely is there such a thing now, because, generally speaking, ego of a me, myself, and I infectiousness blocks such an inner flow from having a predominant reflective outer impact. In other words, that’s visible and knowable. It’s having the impact in a benign or unconscious way, so it’s an ignorance. It’s still having that effect, but it’s weakened, and it doesn’t really go anywhere, and things just kind of get caught and slide in the collective of it all. People stay weak. But when they confront this sort of thing in relationship to how it is that they’re meant to focus their attention this brings about powerful change. 

So, in the sleep dream, it’s like I journeyed in this sleep dream, going around looking at all of the things around me that held a quality of something more, and how these qualities could come together

So I am noticing how it is that there are those I know who are more than they know themselves to be. And I know this based upon how it is that I can see something about them as part of a bigger design. To notice that, in terms of others, is to intuitively recognize how it is that I am. In other words, if you can see this in others, you recognize where you are in relationship to that, too. 

For example, two women asked me if I’m interested in going on a long distance bike ride with them. In other words, this is something that they tend to do, and for some peculiar reason they tend to see me as something that can do that, as something that I wouldn’t enjoy or something. But I have to decline because I do not have that kind of bike, the kind of bike that I will need for that. But I thank them for inviting me to participate in something they feel that I could do, that I know they excel at. 

And so, somehow or another, I inflect a glance, and, yes, I can do that sort of thing, if I were to put my attention to it. So what they have done is exercise a greater sight to recognize that I can bicycle with endurance, if I were to put my attention there, which I haven’t. And, of course bicycling is symbolic. So this is an aspect of dreaming, as opposed to journeying now, this is the aspect of dreaming in which bicycling is a way of being in terms of how you hold a focus and attention to be able to catch up with something so much more. 

And, obviously, it’s not bicycling per se, because I, physically speaking, have never gone out and made that a sport, or a pastime. Bicycling is symbolic to holding a focus and attention that can cause something to come into a shifted recognition of itself. 
So what I’m doing is I’m seeing how people are designed to fit into the oneness of life, in terms of the role of themselves in life. And even though they don’t see this for themselves, necessarily, I see this in terms of an underlying principle that I am able to put into my inner eye in regards to them. And that somehow that helps to make a difference to things, helps, maybe, them to be more than who they are. And I see that I support things like that.

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