A Means to Liberate

When our dreams take us all over the map, and show us different situations in different places, it often indicates that we are unable to process something inside. Here we begin with babies being born, indicating something new is arising, but then the traveling begins, first to the mountains of Alaska with difficult and icy terrain, and then to the desert where the dreamer continues to try to make solid connections. In dreams, as in life, things cannot come together until we are ready for them, and until we can manage the inner logistics that are required. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My very earliest dreams I didn’t recall, I think they were just a kind of reaction to our company. Then I have a dream where I seem to be visiting a woman who is in this kind of communal ward in a hospital because she’s had a baby. And there’s another gal there that has had a baby. I think I’m a young man in the dream, and I go to kind of give some support to them. 

The place is rather chaotic and it feels like she kind of leaves the hospital. And I think she leaves the hospital with both babies, her baby and the baby the other girl had. Maybe the other girl didn’t want the baby, I don’t know. 

They’re living in a house, and at the house they live in there’s a break in. The man breaks in but it feels like I visit or something and I scare him away, he doesn’t seem to really cause any harm or do anything major. But, because of the break in, it feels like we want to explore moving. 

So the next thing I know, we’re in someplace like Alaska, and we’re looking at this commune up there. When I first look at this commune I see that I go over to like the edge of the town and look up to the mountain. And these people have built all these homes that kind of go right up the side of the mountain. It’s like they’ve dug into the side of the mountain and they have a trail of homes kind of one after another going up the mountain. You even wonder quite how you climb up there. And they do say it’s kind of a unique community to try to live in because it is kind of tricky getting up there. 

And I’m thinking about this, and I wander off with a friend and we go over and we walk out, you know, I’m not paying too much attention when we’re walking, I suddenly look down and I realize we’ve walked out on ice. And it’s a deep green-colored ice almost, that’s why I got confused, I thought I was still on land. We’ve gone out a certain distance and I suddenly realize that I’m kind of like softly gesturing to the other person that we need to walk back toward shore because I’m not sure how thick this ice is. 

And then I suddenly realize that this huge slab of ice that we’re walking on has broken off from the main part of the ice. It’s even tilting in, we’re starting to slide. But, lo and behold, some of the people nearer the land have even built a little ice bridge that we get to and then we can get back on land. 

And I go over and I explore how it is that we climb up the hillside and look at the homes because by now I’m getting really interested in these homes and I even go into some and I realize that I think one of us has some abilities as a nurse or something. So we could be of help in this community, we’d probably fit in pretty well. 

And then the dream seems to shift. And I seem to be like an older man and I’m in the desert. And I’m traveling through the desert, we come to a town because the people are stopping for the night. And one of the locals is throwing things here and there and he throws something at us that we want, maybe it’s a jug of water or something. And I’m an older man, but I reply to him in some kind of broken Arabic or something, and he’s trying to see if I can catch what he’s throwing. And he’s making some kind of a joke about the tourists trying to speak the Arabic or whatever. 

And I seem to have that dream twice. It had kind of a funny feeling to it. An amusing feeling to it. The way he was throwing something to us, and we were out there traveling the desert, and there were camels around. And it was the opposite in terms of environment from where I was before, which was like in Alaska.

John: So it’s a traveling dream in which you are dealing with the consequence of something of an over capacity, and you’re looking at this over capacity. Instead of dealing with the over capacity in the present, you’re looking at how this is unbalanced or something inside of yourself somewhere else – almost like a portal effect, but not quite because you don’t really actually identify the problem. 

But what doesn’t make sense is you’re not identifying it. It’s like I guess you’d say it’s a family problem, and yet how is it a problem for you? It’s affecting you. It starts off taking the sequence of something, it starts off with the woman and it’s as if she can’t handle the capacity of all of that. There’s something about that that affects her way of being able to relate to herself.

And I kept listening to try to figure out why that should affect the way she relates to herself, thinking that maybe there was another baby, or another quality of energy, or maybe it was just something that distracted or distorted her? Maybe it was something that shouldn’t have happened, or the way that it happened resulted in some sort of tearing down of a security or something? And that you were able to take and go back and find kind of a type of cohesion, or a healing from that. 

In other words, you say the dream you couldn’t remember occurred on which the issue was stirred, and then this is like a type of putting something into motion because then what shifted was having to deal with the element of the atmosphere of things and you’re kind of thrown to a foreign side of yourself, which was Alaska or something, that wasn’t quite right. And then you seem to be okay traveling. 

The dream was trying to show you some quality of recognition or realization, or something inside yourself, that you have for coping purposes. So it’s in the desert that one develops a greater sense of overallness, a greater sense of being able to handle a larger spaciousness. Would you equate the desert as the development of the shamanistic side of grounding that can have a compassion?

In other words, something was too narrow in Alaska, in which there was the beginning of the dream in which something is awry in terms of an imbalance with regards to the baby. And then the solution to that was to go into another kind of isolation, or a specific kind of mannerism of oneself in Alaska. 

And then the desert was like a type of breaking through that. And that this was a process of dealing not with the feminine wearing down of something, but more with a masculine kind of reaching out, a type of strength coming into the situation – as opposed to a type of withering. 

It’s a different way to describe something, but you’d have to say that you were resolving, you know, I like to try to keep it into a Jungian format and say you’re resolving a mother complex or a father complex, but you don’t say it like that. You would just say that you had found a means to liberate yourself.

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