Over Capacity

We’ve all felt overwhelmed when dealing with certain people, either because their energy is caustic to ours, or sometimes because we are tired ourselves and what we might normally be able to handle just seems too much for us. This can cause us to shut down energetically, in a self-protective mode. But when we do shut down, the other person’s energy bounces off of us and returns to them – as a toxin. This makes the situation feel even worse. If we can be conscious of this process we can help clean up ourselves and them. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: My last dream is similar to this, it’s shorter, it doesn’t have the whole storyline because I guess I sat with it.

The place where I’m at has an energetic capacity of 14,000. That’s my natural nature, I can handle 14,000. I’m having to take in 18,000 units of energy, or whatever it is. The effect is an acidic reaction; I keep this up and then I go back into the acidic reaction because I can’t find my aloneness properly, because I cannot handle the effect in an absorptive capacity.

What triggered this? I was out of capacity when Dee yakked and yakked all day long, it exceeded my coping and absorptive nature. And so, to come down more and more into life means I have to contend more and more with out-breath density. This is something that is hard to do, but necessary; I cannot stay aloof. 

I have to know how to absorb needy and hungry ghost energies that are part of a scattered capacity in a greater overall beingness. If I avoid or push this away, I lose touch with myself – I become more narrow, more shut down. 

The tendency is to be self-protective or get toxic when overwhelmed by the exposure. The challenge is to know how to take that in and be a transformer of self into a greater depth of being. 

The issue also has to do with having the spiritual inner strength to be able to go deeper and deeper because, as my natural nature quickens and opens up, out rushes this in others who do not have… because you get a jarring in the atmosphere and it quickens you, in terms of a force of nature or something, and out rushes this other that lacks boundary controls and is like a quality that hungers for something more, and it gets into an insatiable reaching and grasping. You know, it’s a tizzy; it is like this in life a lot. The rhythm of the breath to hold a focus and attention and capacity is the challenge I face in terms of coming down more and more.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Over Capacity

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