At Every Turn

The image of fishing in a lake, or any body of water, in a dream is indicative of reaching into the depths of the unconscious. So, when the fish are dead, and the water itself is dead, what is being said? When we bring something from our inner depths, we bring it to light and into our awareness. Yet if we are not really open to it, or ready to face something, our resistance will not provide the right “bait” to land a big fish. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in my sleep dream, I am in an imaginative condition that I am living out in the outer world, and realizing, in terms of doing this, that this is futile in terms of the heart. 

So, in the dream, I go fishing in a lake that is dead. I use a dead fish to try to catch another dead fish in a dead lake. In other words, the image is, it’s like the skin of a fish and I take the hook and I extend it through. And then I take and I throw that out like that, as if another fish is going to bite into it. 

And it repeats, too, I travel with this. The way I travel with this is I’m with another person who knows how to fish in this lake and has a certain kind of bait that they put on the thing and they go out and they hook a great big fish. And I just settle back, I don’t put any line in the water or anything, and they catch this great big fish. 

But their cockiness in pulling it in causes the line to break because the fish jumps and snaps the line, it’s like in the ocean, huge fish. And so, then, I was short on bait. And what he has is a type of lure, and he had a couple of those, and he’s the expert at fishing. And so I ask him how this has worked out for him. 

He says, not very well, it doesn’t work very well, it hasn’t been his experience that this works. So I don’t quite have what it takes to be properly fishing. I’m noticing in traveling back that there is a way of doing it, but I am remiss in that at this point in time. 

And so that was an aspect of the traveling of the dream. And then, so back to what I dreamt directly, the fish I use for bait is disgusting and half rotten. I hook it and drop it to the bottom of a lake that I float around; it’s not a very deep lake. I can see the bottom, you can see there’s no fish in it – that’s why it’s a dead lake. And so I realize there are no fish in this lake. 

So, in this dream, I’m a kid with no sensibilities following in this fishing adventure going with my dad. And, in the end, my dad goes to a place where we catch fish, where we’re able to catch fish. We go and we catch a bunch of fish. And then we weigh them on a particular machine, and the machine says that the fish sell for $13 a pound apiece. 

And when we have them weighed up, it’s as if we’re thinking we will just leave and get away with the waywardness, out from the nearby building comes the Game Warden who has waited patiently, and we have to then pay $13 a pound a piece for the fish in our possession. That’s our fine for thinking we can get something for nothing, and for my dad and I to think we could dupe the system. 

You could say that this whole thing starts off with an awkwardness. The fish is a consciousness; it’s a dead consciousness, it’s a consciousness that lacks any motion and any movement. And then, in the traveling back in it, there is a way that it works. But this isn’t how it works. And I don’t quite have a connection to that, but I have seen it. And in this here, what I tend to see is nothing that continues the frustration in that what is done is not done with quite the right attitude. 

And the meaning is, when in the imaginative of the outer we go around telling ourselves that what occurs there is real – even though we know better. And we need to instead listen to our sensibilities, or from the heart instead of the mind. And that if you stay too much with trying to force something to happen you cause a type of exhaustive lie as a pattern that results in a disaster over, and over, and over again. 

This is what it is like for us, and everyone who acts like us, to go around and pretend that what is going on is of value to them. A value in terms of who we are. We are lying to our heart, and the heart of the world. The time comes when such self-deception catches up with us at every turn.

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