A Kind of Block

Many may find that different aspects of their personality or character are set free in the presence of another: one person triggers our sense of humor, one person makes us feel very relaxed, one person eases our fears, another inspires us. We could call these energetic allowances, and it happens from our energy system reading and responding to the energy system of another. This is mostly done unconsciously, but on our development path we can raise this to a level of skill into the world. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: It’s funny we had to dream in these strange ways because, in my dream, initially, I see myself as having a seat that is back away – it’s near the front, but back away, like four rows or something or five rows from where Gee is to speak.

Then, all of a sudden, something happens and a big shift occurs. It’s as if something has to be redesigned in relationship to all of that. And I see right up to the far, far left, where he would sit, so close and so much to the far left that I just see his side face, real close, as he would be speaking out to everybody. 

And then I also see myself as somehow or another being around him, in which he is pointing out a particular kind of energy, and he gives it a name, and this energy is a person that I know, and he says, it will be interesting to see how this energy effect unfolds on the future. And then, in the dream, it’s like in the traveling of the dream, it’s like I am meant to return something to him. And it’s like a substance that you put in your hands and you can mush around just like putty or something, like a secret substance, that makes no sense to me why it is that I am to return this to him. 

So I go over to where he’s staying, and the back door of this suite area happens to be open. I go in the back door, I go into all of the rooms of the suite and look around. In one case, I go into a room that’s a picture of somebody that’s like a kid or younger brother or something that I’d never seen before, and this is where his bed and stuff is at. 

And then I take this little substance and I leave it in his room. And then I notice having explored around that there’s something wrong, it could work better, in terms of something that’s like an oven or a microwave or something that’s in the place. I don’t actually see it, per se, it’s just that I know how to make that particular thing work better. And that I can take and add some feature that I can do right there on the spot, it just comes to me, that makes this function better. 

But then I realize that it would be better if this had been built into it rather than done in this particular way, and so I carried a kind of an edge at the fact that once I’ve seen this, why it is that others don’t see this automatically – because it’s a very simple thing. I call the CEO of the company that makes this item, and I don’t plan on giving out my name, but I end up doing so because I end up finding out that I realize that maybe I have to show them how to do this so that all of the items that they make from here on in the future have this built into them

So I offer to go to where it is that they produce these and show them how it is that this can be done in a very, very simple built-in way, that will really enhance the product and will cost very, very little to do, and will be an enhancement to what they offer. And that’s what I dreamt.

So the meaning of it: the theme of the dreaming is about having a special and secret approach which facilitates the way things unfold. In this dream, the connection is such that I am able to take what is taken for granted, which is an energetic that is seemingly wayward, and bring it forward. 

Although I initially hold back with this, what I see is an access that seems to have no bounds. And the whole process involves, in terms of the steps of things, actually even returning to the teacher the secret substance I was given. And it is said that everyone is given something from a teacher, and then that removes a particular kind of block or something so that a person can catch up with themselves better.

I didn’t know that you actually gave it back, because that’s what you do in this dream. And I can’t imagine what he could possibly use that for unless it’s to apparently do something that furthers it in some capacity that is his business, because, to me, it seems like a Silly Putty or something.

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