Beyond the Flow

In so many ways, a development journey is about gaining access. If we gain access to higher frequencies, we gain access to greater intelligence and information. Being in the flow of life isn’t important just to be with “it,” although that is critical to our experience, but being in the flow is to be where the current-cy is, and to be where the intelligence of the moment is. This offers us our best connection to our next possibilities. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, the scenario that I see within myself is designed to unfold no matter what happens. This is so because, in the big picture, everything that goes on is taken into account. Nothing is destroyed, it just changes into other ways and forms that keep on keeping on. 

So, in the dream, in the big picture there is a sort of betrayal of trust in a particular way – or so it seems, because in the unfoldment is another manner that is accommodated. The concept of what should occur, or needs to occur, is swept up in some other motif. The motif may be pragmatic, meaning designed to function in a way that doesn’t comport to a sense of value or sensibilities, but in the larger design, however, that is taken into account. 

And so what I’m shown is the degree in which a human being is caught up in a particular orientation is the degree in which a personal ideal, or concept of life, is projected. Such an ideal does not make a right, in terms of our perception and concept of things. The design and intent is often something else in the end. 

For the person who isn’t able to let go and is caught up in the black-and-white, such a person is going to eventually get left behind. The flow is beyond our limited conceptualizations. We’re allowed to participate and from a quality of the heart have an insightfulness to the world of God. But we, in our projections, do not really denote that until we come to the flow of a oneness. That is when an access to the will of God is deemed complete. Until then, there are moving parts we do not spring to. We do not spring to… hmm.

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