Surrender Point

Here we have a classic dream scenario: a chase dream, where inner fears on the surface (of life) cause one to dive into the underwater depths of themselves to, at first, elude the pursuers, yet to ultimately confront the psychological mechanisms that are in play, and to let go of them by surrendering. This may seem like an intense dream experience, but, through understanding of the message here, the dreamer can gain a consciousness of what is happening and let go to the new awakening – much more easily than by facing such a challenge in waking life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I start with my meditation dream that lays the foundation of this, and go into sleep dreams with it, too. This came across really loud and it was a meditation dream, which is a bit of a repeat only it had the detail and came through better so I didn’t forget it. I remember having had it before, somehow. 

And so by coming through as loudly and as clearly as it did, I’m able to see and understand the detail and even hear voices in it. And I have caught up with it in a way that’s a little different in that I even know the breath level, or am experiencing how the breath is affected by a quality of the drama, and thus this helps to further my understanding and acceptance of the gravity of the situation. When I dreamt this before it wasn’t loud enough or complete enough to do it justice, and thus to remember and catch the theme and the vibe as needed. 

So, in the dream, I’ve gone into the depths in order to get away from a situation that was too much for me to face on the surface. In other words, it’s like the way you would kind of describe this is it’s like being on the land, we’ll say, and it’s like a sense that I’m pursued or affected or afflicted in some manner as I go about my day to day. And I can’t continue to do that, so I plunge into the depths – like I have a cavern or something I can go into, and I can go into that to elude any quality that is harbingering when I’m sitting on the outer surface. 

And so what basically I’m doing is I’m challenging the depths of myself to reach an important surrender point and to accept the fate of my actions. I can’t change anything, I can’t do anything, I would just go around and around if I stayed on the surface. So now I go into the depths. 

So, in the dream, I and another, which is basically the shadow side of myself, I’m always taking my shadow side with me, find myself having gone into the cavern in the ground to elude pursuers. I mean, just the fact that we do that actually eludes the pursuers, because the pursuers, that quality of whatever is pent up about ourselves, don’t really go into the ground, it sits trying to waylay us on the surface.

So, when I did this before, I was convinced that I would be getting away, only this time I’m getting more information. This time I’m not sure if what I’m doing is actually going to save my life, but if I go to the surface I’m going to be afflicted by it, and if I go to the depths I’m dealing with a type of my psyche that is a little strung out. And it’s treacherous to face something, this particular thing, that’s a core aspect of my personality nature. It’s even a little bit intense to face this at a depth. 

But I know what I am doing has to be done because it is an essential step. And, if I pull it off, what will happen is, I will have to come to grips with how it is that this intolerance quality works, which means I will get caught by it. In other words, I could no longer think it’s just a dismissal mannerism, and you get caught by that is an absolute certainty, and can I handle that?

The issue of whether I am able to – and I call it “save my life” – it’s not a certainty that I will get through this. In other words, if I have to face this confrontively it might be too much for me. And what unfolds when I must subsequently surrender, because that’s what I have to do when I face this, I will have to surrender to a quality that transforms the effect, or the powers that be, so to speak, i.e., that’s something that I suppose symbolically I deemed as a type of pursuer on the surface, upon having gone to a particular depth within, whether I can make this happen or not is not actually revealed. 

In other words, the image within is as follows. I go into a depth, I’m able to crawl around a set limitation therein, in other words, it’s like a thing that penetrates down and I’m able to go around the bottom of it and I’m imagining that I will be able to come up into a cavern accessible by my pursuers that are on the other side. But I have to crawl through a zone and crawl up where it is kind of rubbery and maybe not even open enough for me to get through. But I have to try. 

And there’s a very claustrophobic quality to its nature; it’s why one reacts. It’s actually a type of claustrophobia in the intolerance. Although I believe it is possible to crawl up to the cavern where I will find myself probably even exhausted, and, therefore, okay and eager to even surrender, there’s no guarantee that I can make it. Can I get around it, and up, and into the recess cavern remains to be seen?

So, the meaning is, there are disturbances in my being that I have not resolved that haunt what happens to me in manifestation. To overcome such pent-up disturbances, I must go into the depths of myself. In other words, like journey backwards, or confront that. Let go of it. In other words, you don’t just keep feeding it. 

What I must confront is a deep-pattern affliction that, on the surface, repeats over and over and I am not able to handle this in every outer scenario. It’s something that has become a habituation to my personality nature. So the time has come where I realize that there is a desperation to get beyond this impingement.

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