The Heart Knows

One of the ways we create stress in ourselves is when we go against what our intuition tells us. In the split second when we are making a decision, and we get that flash inside that wants us to rethink what we are doing, are we listening? How often have we said to ourselves, later, “I knew I shouldn’t have…”. When this happens we are creating inner contradictions that continue to play out on a kind of battleground inside, which leads to stress that simmers below the surface. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The meditation dream goes into a different depth with all of this. In the meditation dream, I have to establish a rhythm to a scenario flow. Without the rhythm, nothing can happen without there being a problem. 

In the dream, I’m taking a flat object and giving it a new coat of paint. There are a number of ways to do this, but only one way that is able to accommodate the necessary flow without creating other complexities now, or in the future.

What I see is I first apply a roller over the top area. Where the object is sealed from the eyes of others, who do not need to know, I take two fingers and stroke this across that area. This applies the paint as needed. In other words, because the roller won’t fit in that spot, and so I have to use my fingers because it’s an area that has a different kind of surface to it that you can’t use a roller on, and it’s too narrow and whatnot, but two fingers can go in there. And it also is a spot that has a joint, or a movement in it. 

So, in the dream, there are two others who are observing. They would not have thought of this expedited step and would have, if left on their own to figure this out, belabored the situation more than required. Or, to put this another way, they would not have known how to make the necessary distinctions.

Sensation: this dream is the result of experiencing an imbalance upon my beingness, in terms of my beingness, by way of denoting how it puts a heaviness, or weight, and strain upon the heart that, I know, as a result of how that hits the heart, is something that is destructive. In other words, not meant to be, not conducive. In seeing that I could accept that and handle the matter in a more succinct and fluid way that I am able to tell would be in keeping with a flow. 

So what triggered the inhibitions? Ordinarily, when placed into an aim-to-please position in terms of a situation I have a tendency to compromise myself in an unnecessary and unnatural, self-demeaning way. The heart knows what is possible, and what isn’t possible, in every situation, based upon the vibrational level or an energetic sense. 

In this sensation of a scenario, I am able to feel the intended flow and conduct myself as needed. Those who jump through collective consciousness hoops, on behalf of out-of-control projections, are inviting abusiveness. 

Also, the scenario is I am recognizing that interrogatories and discovery requests, like you see in documents from the court and stuff like that, that attempt to steer and influence, that controls, those things which go astray inhibit a flow. The sensations of constricting the heart, which are unnatural in terms of how they are designed and in terms of an intrusiveness, is another way of saying the test is to know what is askew, unnatural, and unmeaningful. And what knows is the heart. So this has been a guidance dream to direct my attention to vibrations that make a difference.

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