A Warrior’s Approach

We’ve heard the phrase “safety first,” and we might make the case that this isn’t just a good idea, but that it’s a universal principle. Our planet Earth could not make life safe for humans without providing an atmosphere that protects from incoming effects and allows oxygen and water to be plentiful and contained. For anything to thrive, it needs protection, whether a newborn life, or a newly awakened energetic within us. And sometimes we need to be fierce in our determination to keep something safe from what threatens it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I dreamt a lot, but I only remember like the last scene of a dream. It feels like my dreams are really hard to pull out right now. 

And in this last scene of a dream it feels like, along with someone else, I’m trying to get these nuns, who are witnesses, maybe, at a very important trial up to the courtroom to testify when there’s people that want to assassinate them on their way there. And I’ve managed to get them as far as the courthouse building. And it feels almost like an old Western town, almost like another era. 

And I’m pleased we’ve been able to get them that far, we’ve done it by being pretty aggressive and sneaky. Then, as we come into that building, immediately when someone starts to attack us we shoot one of them with a shotgun or something. And then just as I’m going towards the stairs, and I realize that there’s other people that might start to attack, I release a bunch of brass throwing stars like the ninjas have. And they kind of flood out in the direction of the people that we’re going to attack, and then they come back.

Meanwhile, I seem to be talking to somebody that’s with me, and we just have to get up one flight of stairs now to the courtroom, then we’re just going to go to bed afterwards. Seems to be my boyfriend or something. So we just have this one last little step. And then we’re doing the strategy: do we do the stairs? Do we take the regular elevator? I’m thinking we actually sneak around and take a freight elevator because we just have that one last step to take to get the nuns to the courtroom. 

John: The theme of the dreaming last night had to do with taking in a particular quality, a vibratory quality, that would then shift or change the way things were to be affected. The difference in terms of your dream and my dream, is you utilized the warrior’s approach to doing something like this. In other words, you had a certain intensity that was involved in having to try to make something happen. 

And, as a consequence, because you’re playing with that intensity, you have obstacles, barriers, in terms of pushing and bringing something through, In other words, you’re having to contend with that vibratoriness. You have the two parts of yourself to look at, you have the sanctified, or pristine, or pure part of yourself. And then you have the part of yourself that has been able to reconcile the raw energy of things, to a large degree, enough to be able to recognize the importance of how something needs to be effectuated and changed and shifted into life. 

And so you are working with playing with a putting together of the shift, or making the shift. But like I say you’re doing it from kind of a warrior-quality side of yourself, where this side of yourself still had, in order to properly access so that it can speak forth, or be brought forth, in terms of what it needs to represent, or say, or come across as. You’re looking at just this last little bit. You have the full sense of it, and then you have this last little bit that reconciles. 

It’s kind of like we all carry kind of like a little quality that kicks back or has kind of a reservation of intolerance, or mannerism, that is still pent up inside in some fashion that gets in the way of us being how we want to see, or be, in terms of carrying something all the way through. Your dream has you taking and observing all of that dynamic, that part as it yields to the higher self principle.

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