Vibratory Input

Fred Astaire: Swing Time

We may understand that we have a lower self and a higher self, but we will never be just one of them. Every step forward we make on our journey is through agreements, and ratification, between different aspects of our inner lives. When there is no agreement, we generally cannot move forward, which is when we create dramatic dream images and chase scenes to try to wake ourselves up. When we remove contradiction from our inner viewpoints, we become more aligned, and more potent, in our lives. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: It compares very closely to the last thing that I did, which I just wrote as a sum up. To sum up the theme and just what I observed last night, to begin with I affected a situation with a vibratory input. Both parts, my shadow and myself, worked hand in hand to do this. 

And then there was another part of myself that came and I guess for a long time I was looking to see if it would win some award, or trump the situation, or just how all of that was trying to figure out what this was supposed to mean, because another part of myself took and sealed the effect. In other words, myself and the shadow brought about the vibratory input, another part sealed the effect and, in sealing it, it effectuated into a new way of being. 

And then the rest of the dream was spent in observing, in terms of how it stood the test of time, in that it just continued to be the way things were. In other words, the significance of both bringing across the vibratory input and then sealing it opened up a shift to a new way of feeling life. 

So that was like, rather than describing the detail, I described the sum up of the situation. The bit of the detail was like you had an image… well, I won’t even try to describe it. I think I might have described it in other dreams a bit. And then I just kept going into it to where I got this just down right at the very end.

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