The Hint

Roberto Weigand

There are certain changes that are subtle and incremental, such that we’re almost unaware that they’re happening. Other changes, however, are more dramatic and we know we’ll never be the same again. If we think of this in esoteric terms, we might say that the incremental changes are all the things that happen to us at a particular frequency or vibration. When something monumental happens, it might be coming from a different and higher octave. At first we just get a glimpse, but then a shift happens and we are moving toward a new level. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in the meditation dream a change is needed in life, and the change has to do with two people. And it’s between two people. And the way that the two people work together to affect something that is possible on a larger scale. 

So the two people are probably my shadow and myself, the shadow being the part that I fight things with, or maybe even the truth, and the other part I fight some part that has to be resolved and pulled together. So as one of the two, I say, I will go all the way; you decide, there’s nothing to hold me back. 

Because the unfoldment is in manifestation, the tendency is to think about the need in terms of not being an unlimited overall, but in terms of a constant percent that is like an interest rate. In other words, what I mean by this is I start off seeing this as knowing that I have this sense of something that just completely obliterates everything, in terms of it being a quality that just sweeps everything up. But I don’t see that. Instead, what I see, or first learn, which is to my surprise, about how things change in terms of the capacity for change, is that if I am willing to let go then something sets up to what the other part of myself wants. 

And so it starts off with just working with it in a small capacity way in which the person can let go to say 10%. In other words, they can allow something to happen, without having to question it, or think about it, or quibble with it, they can separate that 10% from maybe the other 90% of their nature and just let this 10% flow. 

And what I see is that this 10%, as a freeness, even has a quality of light about it; it’s a really, really bright light. This 10% is like an octave that is like a prism of myself. That part gets really really bright to almost it’s an invisible light. And it exudes. And, as a light like that, you know that nothing can touch it. The other colors of myself are still affected by things. 

And so when I come to grips with that, whatever that emptiness is, is a merged change. It’s automatic because there’s nothing else visible, or involved anymore, it’s gone. Yet at the same time, I can see a contraction because the darker part of myself still is there. In other words, part of the other 90% going to various degrees of getting darker. The light permeates almost like the sweeping in toward the center where the 10% is invisible light, like on the heart center. But then the rest of it gets darker and darker as it goes to the outer. 

And that’s where I see a contraction yet in which there is a set way and a protectiveness by the personal. So, what I come to know as possible is dependent on what the other person can let go and do. Some part of myself is observing this, whether the shadow observing it in me, or me observing it in the shadow. And when the 10% comes into being, the other part of myself has to go into the 10%. 

The change is dependent upon this effect coming through. There is no equivocating with this kind of light, it automatically is so. Or, to put this another way, because a true letting go is seen as a brightness of light, this being I am fluid in letting go until nothing remains on the physical plane. 

So this meditation dream points out that a newness between beings is based upon that coming together of light as the physical density that exudes its limitation falls away. But the deeper meaning is that objects are a hint in terms of how it is we are able to become a receptive tool to note kind of the light of our greater beingness, and to do it naturally.

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