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In our dream images, a lack of freedom could be shown as our clothes being too tight, or us not being able to find the way out of an enclosed space. Sometimes the analogy gets bigger and it becomes a huge country that isn’t free and needs to come together. The message is the same: we are being limited by a separation on our inner lives that is preventing something greater to occur. And, if we don’t heed the message, perhaps next time we’ll find ourselves enslaved on an alien planet. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: It’s frustrating right now because I’m having these long dreams, but I’m only pulling out part of them. And, what I remember about my last dream was I seem to be in China. And there was a store where I could either shop or sell things, either way. 

And people from the other part of China would come into the store, because China has two parts. But, the problem was, I could go out and I could gather herbs, or I could do other things in this store, and I could come and we could trade. But there’s only so much that you could really do because part of China isn’t free, you don’t know what’s real, or what they can actually use. 

So it felt like things could only go so far, then. That’s the best way I could describe what the dilemmas were.

John: So it’s a dream about accessing a greater part of yourself. In other words, how you currently are seeing yourself is changing, because you are realizing that in order for a greater wholeness to occur you have to take into account more variables and equations that are going on in life. And that the current state of things is something that cannot be sustained because it’s not inclusive as it needs to be. 

Because the theme of the dreaming last night had to do with gaining an access to something more than what currently existed. And so you dreamt it in kind of a recognition way, in terms of just being in life and coming to the realization/conclusion that something was missing that needed to be more in the equation of things for life to be more meaningful.

In other words, just kind of a natural recognition. For me, it was almost a little bit like a type of process of elimination or something in which the going through life was such that something more had to open up, or something more had to be given. 

And something more had to be possible. And a letting go needed to occur, because the way things existed, were just unacceptable, in terms of their sense –  in fact, I was even bored or something. I needed another sense of meaningfulness to come to be because enough was enough in terms of the routines that had become commonplace. 

So it’s a little bit different. In other words, for me it was like something needed to awaken or come to pass. And, in your particular case, in order for you to exist on the level that you needed to exist, you needed to have a greater encompassed recognition of things. In other words, there was a part of yourself maybe that you sensed as existing, but now suddenly realized had to be brought into the equation of things in order for the full picture.

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It is both a grace and an delusion that our systems will incorporate anything that has long term effects upon us. If it is a pain or a burden, we are able to continue on, without the constant awareness and struggle that might be caused. It’s a form of management and it is constantly at work to help us. Sometimes, however, we let go of, or drop, the weight of our burden and we suddenly can feel such a difference that we find it hard to believe we had carried it for so long. Many things weigh us down on our journey, and we seek to become as light as possible. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so, in the meditation dream, to compensate from an emptiness coming into the heart, in other words it’s like you can have this quality of the hovering beingness or something, that can cause an emptiness where you’re haunted in some fashion, because we’re all haunted by some mannerism of ourselves. This emptiness changed, this emptiness is there based upon a lack of value, in other words, where something is affecting you instead, so that you can’t catch up with who you are. 

And I changed the energetic by, so to speak, Photoshopping images into the scene that had been missing vibrationally. In other words, bringing something back, something had gotten taken away, or taken out. That’s when something is haunting energetically upon you that isn’t right, and it actually takes something away. Or, to say this another way, I recognized that personal afflictions and sadness drain because a value gets lost. 

So what I did was to seek to bring back what was missing. Now, that’s what I would be trying to do, but instead I’m finding this as if something got lifted. In other words, the sensation is different – I’m still lost in the way I’m used to doing it. 

So last night I sat in the weightiness that closed off a natural flow until I was able to discover redemption from this barrier. In other words, it’s just being exorcised or lifted. So, in the dream, there was a vibration hitting the heart that needed to be taken out. This vibration was caused by something that’s not fulfilling itself as it’s meant to be; you could call it an unfulfilled need. 

So in touching the hungry-ghost quality that keeps that need from being reached, so it could go, I brought a waywardness to a completion. In other words, a part of myself that is whole, but there was something askew. Just like you get sick in different ways, and so you can get energetically sick, I guess, based upon something haywire environmentally – spirit-wise, or something. So, in the sleep dream, I’m feeling free of a weightiness. It is as if an excess force that had been possessing my nature is dispossessed. What my dreams will be like without this will be interesting.

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Like the sun, all light offers a form of healing and cleansing. We may think that we have to tortuously overcome our deep psychologies, but we can also expose them to the cleansing light of higher energies and higher processes. As we have noted before, the low and the coarse cannot live with the higher vibrations of the fine and bright. If we maintain ourselves at a higher vibration, these lower elements can be minimized and made inconsequential. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So once in a while when I dream something, and it’s hard to pull out and go somewhere, then I actually come to bed and I can’t necessarily sleep because I’m on that channel or something. I’m not able to get grounded enough. It requires a certain rootedness, too. 

I was actually wondering, okay, now I’ve zipped too much into the stillness again, and it requires a certain aspect of holding the breath so that you don’t take and tear something up, because that’s why I was looking at a cow and stuff like that, things need to pull the continuity of something down. Otherwise, that’s not in a proper surreal either. 

So the meditation dream’s a repeat. And it was almost like hard to write up because it’s a repeat. But I realized that I was looking at things in a much deeper way. In other words,

I was looking at more light, is what I was looking at. So apparently, there is something I’m not understanding from the priors that I had. 

Well, in this dream, there is an overall clarity in which everything vibrates with insight, and does so as a simultaneous oneness. Well, the reason why that is the issue is the full expanse of light.

In other words, I was seeing the full expanse of light, I knew that what I was experiencing, everything went into that light. And it was too much for me to take in. So I’m having to go at this in degrees; learn to go at it in degrees.

In your dream, the second dream, was you were doing it more in the outer, but you somehow or another weren’t reaching the composite, you were still having to learn what the degrees were.

So I do not want to be burned by the light, and I also do not want to sell myself short. So the evolutionary constant I know is that light is consciousness. And that the more light I’m able to grasp, the more my beingness awakens.

Well, in the dream, I am able to elude my handlers that want what they think I need and is best for me. In other words, this could be the collective stuff and all of that that bugs you, that’s caught in your synapses, all of that. And so I’m able to probe out from this in a way in which I go where others do not willingly follow.

And there I find the raging waters of the subconscious to be even more intense. To go on, I have to navigate my way around a chasm, to another world within, where one can be free to expand their consciousness more and more, which means to aspire to more light. And it means to have to deal with a threshold intensity.

And so in the dream, if I reach a point where nothing limits, or can catch up and touch me, this being a place where I’m able to go beyond the deepest tumultuous river channels to the inner of the inner, and the other world therein, where there is light that consumes all barriers in that it rises along all barriers as a transforming energetic – this is when change is readily possible, and a new design will flow. 

In other words, it’s like if you were looking at a mountain and a mountain was an obstacle or a big hill, it would all be flickered in light, just like it was on fire, just like it had a natural fire all the time. And so, to be able to see and access something like that means any change you want to do is readily there.

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