The Surrender

When we surrender, who, or what, are we surrendering to? Through our dreams we can sometimes be shown that a first level of surrender is between our lower self and our higher self. The lower self has more ego and is more concerned with planetary matters. The higher self holds a higher alignment to our design and greater purpose. Each aspect of our lower self that we can surrender to the higher self is an act of inner healing, which can free us to our higher destiny. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In another dream, I go to an attorney for guidance in a process. What concerns me is a definition that will cause a dense stiffness of the flow. In other words, that’s the issue. So I’ve gone to an attorney for help. 

So as I am sitting in an office, wondering how to overcome this kind of denseness, because, you know, when you go to an attorney you are carrying the denseness as if another can help you and whatnot, which I am feeling in the atmosphere that I am in, a secretary indicates that the attorney who will be taking on my case follows the process and then mentions a particular person.

Well, I happen to know this person, and I know this person knows how to open everything wide open. And so I’m greatly relieved that we’re not going to go into a defined shrink or something of some sort. 

So, in other words, what this tells me is that the openness of the heart I seek is readily possible, and the contractiveness I fear is not going to be an issue (the contractiveness that I’m carrying, yet, as I come in).

And then, in another short little dream, I take a particular dark-energied object; that’s what I do. In this dream I take a particular dark, embodied object, in other words, it’s a darkness that’s already set that way, and I bring it to an altar for healing. And it’s done in a way, and it’s received in a way, as if this is food. 

So it is understood that the surrendering of this results in the removal of a barrier. And that’s the reason why you bring the darkness the way you do. The act, therefore, is that of a letting the heart absolve the darkness. I thought in my last dream that I was gonna be repeating something that I’d already said before, but I hadn’t actually said it.

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