Out of Rhythm

Our five senses are part of the design that helps us manage our physical experience. But we are also navigating our way through an ocean of energetic ebbs and flows, which are better handled and understood by our higher faculties, often described as intuition and instinct. These abilities help us read a situation that, by all appearances, seems normal, yet is off energetically. This is a faster system of information, and one we can improve by listening to and trusting on a daily basis. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I came out of the meditation dream in basically a little less than an hour, it seemed, and from the meditation dream I was able to recognize that it is foolish for me to presume that I know what is going on. Through the five senses, this is impossible. So, to put it bluntly, when you have to function like that you’re not designed to be able to know what is really going on. 

And therefore, from the meditation dream, I am compelled to announce that a human being never really knows what is going on because a human being presumptively assumes, and gets caught up in a sort of inner and outer test that is not able to break the veils – because what they are inclined to perceive is usually only a seeing and hearing in the outer, or on the surface. 

That’s kind of the meditation dream, it was really kind of flip floppy. But the sleep dream seemed to go on and on and on and on. I almost didn’t write it up because, again, it’s like a repeat dream, which, you could say, in a roundabout way I couldn’t help but notice that it also takes in the quality of dealing with how sound undulates in manifestation, but it puts it in another context, it puts it in a time and space context. 

In other words, sound also has a vibratory quality, which absorbs dense, discombobulated, inharmonious vibrations. To do that is to create matter. And when there are dense discombobulating inharmonious vibrations in the atmosphere, intolerance is also present. When intolerance exists, the heart is out of rhythm. To be out of rhythm for a human being, who can channel the will of God as a flow, is to be in a position where it is blatantly obvious that such a person can never ever really catch up with what is going on. 

However, to be in a flow, and in a harmonious heartfelt state, enables a human being to see a light that can’t be seen – meaning the human being can channel the will of God. To be able to channel the will of God means that a human being has access to the hidden light. Or, put another way, the secret substance, which enables them to function in an image way in which the human being is naturally designed, which is as the eyes and ears of the Creator. 

Manifestation was created out of sound. Sound has a Yang and Yin quality to it. So far we have been talking mostly about the Yang quality, when we use the words discombobulating and dense. And, of course, the end quality would be matter – and it would be like something caught in matter. 

You have to be careful, though, because Yin and Yang now would tend to merge and there’s a very fine line. So I should leave it just as discombobulating and dense because when you get into matter, per se, you’ve got both Yin and Yang in that. Just like when you get into time, time per se is more like a Yang quality, but it has a Yin quality when it’s fluid. 

The Yin quality is referenced, you know, just using words that don’t get you caught up and getting confused with Yin and Yang, the Yin quality is referenced as being an inharmoniousness in which it is impossible to pick the note, beat, and lilt of a flow. The Yin quality goes even further, in that the empty space is part of the beat and lilt. The empty space gets into outside of time, again, and outside of space. 

When all of this is put together there is a relationship a person is able to have with both time and matter in which the essence they’re in is reached, and then time and space can be transcended. To transcend time and space is to become something more than a human being who goes around bewildered by the reflective energetic vibratory conditions that are packaged in time and space. To go beyond time and space is to know God in an emptiness. To be without the personal cognitions and cognitive dissonance in which time and space as a continuum remains intact is to never ever really know what is going on. 

So, in the dream, the experience was that of feeling the inharmoniousness and seeing the flatness in a reflective outer environment. When spoken of in this way, Yin and Yang seem to merge. For example, seeing is typically Yang, but the note that denotes the sound that is able to be heard is based upon Yin. And to feel an inharmoniousness is Yin even though a reflective outer discombobulation, which is Yang, may have initiated the experience. When Yin and Yang merge that is when the human being has the capacity to put everything into their heart and to know things that are outside of ordinary time and space.

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