An Overtone Effect

We are all multifaceted, and, when we enter into any situation, we gather everything we can that is applicable, in ourselves, to manage that situation. Sometimes it is an ancient thing that we have long carried, sometimes it is a simple attribute of everyday life – what we clothe ourselves in. And this whirl of gathering can often be chaotic as the different aspects find their place and settlement in a new arrangement. What really applies, and what can be let go of? These are the inner processes revealed in our dreamscapes. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, my other dream seems to take place in some place that seems like the British Isles. I’m with you, but sometimes you also become someone I was in a relationship with in the past. 

And when we’re in England, it feels like we’ve left the city and we’re visiting somebody outside the city, but he still lives in kind of an imposing area as far as old stone buildings. But he has a smaller cottage; we’re staying there.

We’ve only taken a few clothes with us, you seem to have a maroon shirt, that’s corduroy, and a couple other outfits. And for some reason, the only thing I can remember that I seem to be carrying around with me is one of my black pottery bowls from Columbia, like I have out in the kitchen, it’s kind of a black clay bowl. 

The man we’re staying with has this woman that’s with him, that’s kind of a wild woman. And she even seems to be running off with somebody else, so he’s chasing after her. But there’s a big storm and everything’s getting battered about in the storm. Then he catches up with the woman and then she comes back with him rather than running off with the other man. And they want us to go back to London with them where we have to catch our plane. 

But I realize that you haven’t packed any of your stuff. So I go back into the cottage, which is all in chaos, all I’m really carrying is my black bowl. And I look around and I see your maroon shirt on a hanger and two other outfits that you brought. So I want to grab those clothes, plus I’m trying to hang on to my bowl, too.

Then I go outside where he’s got the woman that’s come back with him now, although I’m not sure how long that’ll last, I realize as we’re all going to go back to the city, they have this whole plan where they’re going to drag you or us around to meet with their friends for about five days, when my sense is we really do need to catch a plane to come back. That was when I woke up.

John: So the theme of our dreaming, your prior dream, this dream, what I was relating to in terms of the various overtones that come off of the use of energy is, on a very, very subtle level of looking at it, it all carries a connection of time in relationship to almost an awakening of something harbored in the past. 

I would say the scenario that sets something like this off was when we went to the class where he was pointing out how you can burn candles for an effect. And you can burn certain incense for an effect. And that you can learn to read the smoke, for example, in order to determine something that is sitting in kind of a present time, but isn’t noticeable, almost as if you can read and go through that and denote something in a visionary way, in relationship to something in a whole other orientation, schematic orientation, in time. 

And so you were then taking this into practice. You were noticing, for example, that you carried particular shirts, and those shirts that you rounded up had a meaningfulness in terms of their appearance and their look in terms of a setting up of a quality of a particular vibration in terms of moving around, in terms of the environment. 

You carried a particular pot that was ancient in relationship to its orientation in time. Everything that you were doing had a thematic about it that penetrated a sense that was more than just a mere black-and-white orientation. What you’re doing is it’s just like where you have things that have the rainbow effect going out, you can have that rainbow effect for certain things that you’re doing are significant in terms of something that has consequences to who knows what degree of an emptiness – and other things that you’re doing are still throwbacks to maybe a type of effect or influence that rises from the synapses of your nature that could have maybe a dense orientation, in terms of patterns or something, and other parts keep rising up from an awakening quality that’s in your nature, that kind of like is an echo quality in your nature that you’re catching up with in terms of how you are in relationship to the whole history of your being that is embedded inside of you. 

And so, you can actually take all of those qualities and look at that in relationship to how everything can shrink and be captured into a specific moment. And then some of those aspects of yourself have a suppressed sense. For example, if you’re traumatically affected by something, you tend to suppress it from your memory so that it doesn’t necessarily get moved out at that point in time because it might be too much for you to bear. 

Yet it will still surface and, before it surfaces later, it can still have its overtone effect that bleeds through and affects your personality and your makeup. This can be positive, this can be negative. And so everything that we have done, we’re the sum total of everything that we have done over generations, eons of our beingness, and you have the bleed-through effect. 

That’s why it is said, for example, that a teacher can look at a student and there are certain appearances about that student that tell the teacher in terms of what that student is really like on some level somewhere else in terms of how they’ve evolved. The teacher can also look at the way a student, for example, dresses, what clothes they wear, you know, the mannerisms of their makeup, their eye color, their hair, the way they carry themselves. All of it reflects and denotes something that is a blueprint, so to speak. It’s like the fingerprint is a blueprint. It’s a blueprint of something that is caught inside of time, as we know it, and outside of time in terms of everything coming into a given moment. 

And that you can take and that you can tell and as we go about and everything that we do, and in your dream, you were describing components. In your whole dream, they were all little components: the pot that you had to take, the type of clothes that you had to take in relationship to an orientation that had to do with those in your world. All this sort of stuff was all correlated to how it was, and how it is, that you are in relationship to this whole process that has evolved over time. And that there is a knowingness in this aspect. And there’s a knowingness in this process. And that there’s information in that, that you can reach, that you can connect to, that you can catch up with and learn to read. And that’s part of waking up.

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