A Composite of Things

When we are estranged from aspects of our inner lives, their appearance can seem to us to be a foreign invasion. In dreams we may see them as aliens from another planet, as strangers in our midst, or simply as people visiting from somewhere else – it all depends on the level of our alienation from this inner aspect. As usual, we are trying to bring these foreigners into our world, not reject them. Such dreams are offering us an opportunity to incorporate them into our personal composite. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I lost my earlier longer dream, but, in my second dream, I seem to be almost like at a waystation in the middle of nowhere. For me it’s outdoors, it’s a little maybe gas station or place where people come and get hay or stuff – one of those little places people stop as they come and go somewhere else. 

And I’m observing the workers there, and most of them seem like they’re Russian, and because they’re Russian or something like that everybody kind of puts up with them. And I notice that there’s one young man that a young lady likes, and I go to observe further and I even go over to help. It’s like somebody’s unwrapping a bale of hay or something. So I’m going over and I’m helping them pull some of the wire off. Then I notice it gets down to a barbed wire or something I don’t know how to remove. 

But, as I get closer, I realize that everybody’s kind of hiding that the guy that this gal likes isn’t really Russian, he’s probably Hispanic. And that if people thought he was an illegal or something they wouldn’t tolerate him being there. So maybe the Russians are hiding his nationality so that people will let him be there. And I’m just observing all this, and I think that was when I woke up.

John: What we did last night is we took a particular schematic of a greater whole, we drilled into a particular schematic. If you put your attention strictly on this schematic, you might miss the greater whole.

The schematic had to do with the fact that there is, in the collective overall, there are specific particular traits that are pent up within the psyche of a person’s being. In other words, it’s like there’s a greater incarnated possibility, and that greater overall incarnated possibility has qualities that are bouncing around inside that are kind of specific in orientation. 

For example, we carry inside of ourselves all of these different levels, the shamanistic level, the Jinn level, the angelic level, and one can take and have dreams about each of those specifically. One can also have a dream, instead of it being about maybe something that’s labeled like that, one can have a dream in which there is a distinct part of oneself that predominates. It doesn’t necessarily have to be what one would consider a defined positive part, either, it could be a part that we might even consider a type of negative part that comes out and causes itself to live through us. 

And yet, it is just a part, it’s just a component, that there is a greater general overall beingness that includes the various qualities positive and negative. We’re fortunate if we come to recognize and realize that it’s that way, because there are times when we might go off in some irregular fashion and come to think that we’re doing something that is foreign, really foreign, to our nature, and very misaligned or something. 

But some of these parts inside of our self are there and serve, in a peculiar way, a useful function even though they might be considered lower self-characteristics and traits, they still make up the greater design of who we are.

Like what you’re doing there is you have something that you don’t know quite what to make out of, that’s a part of you, let’s say it’s the Russian influence, and so you already are dubious towards something like that. And yet, at the same time, then, when you look at that a little more closely you might have even more reason to question or challenge them because they are also hiding something else. 

Well, that’s the nature of our intolerance mannerisms, too, that are inside of our nature. If we’re intolerant, we’re intolerant usually for a defense purpose reason that has to do with maybe being overwhelmed in some way, shape, or form that causes us to develop that as a way of coping or something. Behind that it generally hides something, maybe along the way it’s hard to tell necessarily what is good and what is bad because we have our connotations. 

You could have your connotation about the Russians, and yet what might be housed there, by the Russians, you come to realize is something interesting that you need to catch up with without the attitude or motif assigned to it. 

So we have all of this, the tendency is when we see some of these parts that we don’t like, we’re kind of oriented to the idea that we need to work on challenging our nafs, or our lower-self nature, or our negative nature. Yes, it’s true, we need to do that and recognize a lot of that has to be set aside, but you’ve got to be careful in terms of not estranging ourselves and becoming too pure or too something to where we don’t realize that that raw energy that we espouse, or exterminate, is still pointing to something so much more inside of ourselves. 

So we’re this tremendous composite of things. There are parts of that composite that we can idealize, and there are other parts that we can consider horrible. And yet even those parts that are considered horrible have a flip side to them, they serve a purpose. Everything is taken into account in the compositeness of life, and that those parts that we might deem or treat as something to abhor, in a different schematic of evaluation we might come to see that there’s something so much more about that, and about us, when we let go of our attitudes.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: A Composite of Things

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