There are so many interior chambers of a human life, how often do we visit them? Within the quietness of ourselves is a great intelligence, when we have let go of our personal involvements and ego impulses. Then we can begin to hear the intuition, and the higher faculties, that are able to read vibrations and ecologies, and can offer us elevated insights into what we are experiencing. It’s like they say, no two people in a room are having the same experience – and we can choose to elevate ourselves to a higher integration. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The theme of the dreaming had to do with a quality of letting go whereby you can catch up with something that is going on, or is happening, inside of you, that goes beyond your personal cognition or way of being

And so the meditation dream dealt with that, and then the sleep dream didn’t make sense because the sleep dream had me first of all involved in a situation in which there was something very exciting, and intriguing, that one could get caught up in. But somehow I knew that that was not what was important. 

And so I did the exact opposite. I retired away, like in a hotel scenario where there’s a lot of stuff going on. I retired away and went back and into and found that – this was kind of like a resort or something – but to my surprise, there were rooms that I went back to discover and to explore, that were very quiet, and seemed away from everything that was going on in a hubbub out front. 

And in the rooms, to my surprise, were babies. It was like a nursery, a quiet, quiet nursery. Now, I expected to go into the rooms and not find anything in there. But instead, I found babies, like a nursery, where something was cared for and set aside while everybody else took and was active with whatever they were active about, in terms of the environment.

And so the significance of this image was, given the theme of the dreaming was about letting go of the personal and discovering that there is a greater dimensionality of oneself that one can catch up with, that comes through. It’s something you incarnate access, you’re not born with it. When you let go of a certain quality of the personal, this other is able to be there. 

And this is a schematic in terms of being able to pull that through, as you go to a part of yourself that is still to where something like this engages, or comes through, from somewhere else. 

An example of this was the other day I was listening. I never said anything for basically the whole time I was there. And it’s amazing what I saw, sitting back and being still, not biting on anything, just listening and observing what was taking place – in terms of what this was really about somewhere else. 

When you take the personal out of it, what it’s really about somewhere else opens up so so so much more. This was like a flowchart inside of myself almost as, first of all, when I see how something can go and access something where you can catch up with a way of an unfoldment to something way outside of yourself. 

The sleep dream I had was like a format, in terms of how you do that, you don’t get engaged in stuff that’s exciting and interesting and fascinating. Instead, you pull back and recognize how that whole sort of thing, what is lying dormant inside of yourself that you can just kind of access in a stillness, in a quality that goes way, way back.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Disengaged

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