Letting go of our personal psychologies and defense mechanisms is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, they may not be a true representation of who we are, or who we want to be, but are a vestige of a reality that might no longer exist. Second, they often work on an unconscious level, so being aware of their outplay helps us evolve. And thirdly, they often create an inner blockage to other, and greater, possibilities. So while on a subtle level we think we are protecting ourselves, we are also limiting what the future can bring in for us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Another little aspect of the dream that I had was, first of all, of course, I had just remembered the very first part. The second part was that where I was at was something very enticing and soothing and interesting, and I declined that and went back and found these empty rooms, of which there were the babies in them. 

But the very first part, that I forgot about, was that I went off to one side and was told there was a person that was asking about me. And so I was curious. That’s interesting, they’re asking about me. And what they were doing was, they were commenting about the fact that they were overhearing me talking all the time. 

And so this woman that was telling me this was actually telling me this to indicate that it wasn’t that they were asking about me because they were interested in something, they were asking and inquiring about me because they were offended by the fact that, in the atmosphere, I was always talking all the time. 

And then there was another aspect in which there was a process that had to be dealt with, or gone through, in terms of the connectivity. And so it was kind of like what Dean does where he breaks people up into doing practices or something. And so, in this particular case, we were required to break up into groups of three. 

And so I kind of hang back just a second, because my inclination is to break out with people that are interesting, and so I end up in a group where it just kind of fumbles together by accident. And it’s in that group, it’s from the shrediments of this group that there’s the catalytic process that confronts or challenges the manner in which I am striking out too much – which was my very first part. 

And then there was the middle part where I now decline the activities in the area that are interesting to me, that catch my attention. And I go off and back to one side, and, lo and behold, think I’m going into empty rooms, but all of the bedrooms I find back there are full of babies like a nursery. And it’s through that quaint aspect of oneself that one comes to recognize something so much more. 

In other words, I’m describing, in my sleep dream, a system by which you catch up with what the theme of the dreaming was about. And, of course, the theme of the dreaming was about going out and getting away from an aspect of where one’s personal mannerism is out in the open in a personal active way or something, is engaged in some way. And for me, it works by going off to one side.

For you, it works by taking and getting involved in something that moves energy around to the point where the East and the West, and the West and the East suddenly there’s no personal and something can come to you – as opposed to you thinking that you’re going to find it.

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