The Composite

We can see in the outer world the difference between trying to make changes when you are outside the system, as compared to trying to make changes from within the system. On a spiritual path, the “system” is the universal process we are born into, and our connection to it determines whether we are working as an outsider or an insider. As an insider, changes we make in ourselves can effect the wholeness – and that is exactly what we are designed to do. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So a little bit of what happened in my attempting to sleep. First of all, I came out of my meditation dream about 1:30am. But I didn’t come to bed until after 4:30am because it took three hours to probe all of it out, because what I did is I was going somewhere to where you change things. 

So when I came to bed and I looked at it, it was like, in my sleep, it was like being able to push buttons and stuff like that, and you could get things to happen – because you’d actually broken through whatever the barrier was. 

And one image it was like I had ordered a cow, a beef, and I’d brought it to like a place like here and told the person I’d scoured such and such states to get this thing. Someone else didn’t want it, and it was for him, then. 

In other words, it was like everything was images, and everything that was happening, was all in conjunction with the fact that there is a certain quality or way that you effectuate or go through something that, I don’t even know if that’s the right word. It’s a way you have an access, however, to the greater dimension inside of yourself. 

When you have that connection – it’s like it sits dormant inside – and when you have that connection, it’s like having a connection to a greater light, a light that takes into account the composite of everything that goes on, it takes into account everything. And, therefore, it’s the means by which, then, things change more readily and more quickly. Otherwise your nature is usually dulled-down and caught in the collective and so not much really goes on.

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