Three Moves

How often in life do we get to skip a step? When we begin to understand the nature of process itself, we can see that every journey has its requirements. When we do leave out an element, we will find that we often have to go back and add it at a later point. The masculine and feminine aspects of our inner lives also have different views on this, and different methodologies. When we are consciously aware of this, these differences can help us have a more balanced approach to anything. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in my first dream, I kind of see a globe, and then there’s three people. It’s like it’s Nicole Kidman and her husband, Keith Urban, and a man who’s a general. 

And they’ve each been given a group of troops. And they know that they’re going to have three moves, and this is what they’ll have to make changes. But I guess all the rules weren’t explained to them ahead of time, because you suddenly discover that it’s almost like the moves are actually tied to the number of men that you use, in the sense that, immediately, we discover that both the men deployed so many men on their first moves, that they’re not really going to have access to the second and third move. 

Whereas with Nicole, she didn’t deploy that many men on her first move. So she’s still going to have two moves available to her – one of which is forgiveness. So that was that dream.

John:  Yes, you’re using dreams more literally. I mean, you’re doing the same thing, except the way I had to look at it was in relationship to how you notice that light, aspects of light, either opened up or didn’t open up. Because it was a repeat dream for me. 

And what you’re doing is a repeat dream, in terms of I had seen how everything is embedded in terms of information as quality of light. And that the more light you access, the more you access in terms of everything that’s going on, because it is all caught in the light.

What you’re doing is you are having a sense, in a grounded sense, in the same way of how it is that the components of life and things work, shift, and shape and whatnot, you have a sense, you have a feel of the flow. And so you might say you were working with the qualities of masculine in which it didn’t stay and bring everything all the way down and through. 

One of the reasons why something connected more in terms of it all, was Nicole Kidman held onto… See what you’re talking about when you’re talking about that sort of thing is you’re talking about a certain use of the breath, you know, in order to take and function in the outer. Forgiveness is a trait, and compassion and whatnot, it’s a trait that brings the breath all the way down into life. You find it by bringing it all the way down into life. 

And that Keith Urban, or whatever, the masculine tends not to bring it all the way down into life. But bringing it all the way down into life is what causes you to have the ability to effectuate change – and can effectuate with so much more.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Three Moves

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